David Cassidy's Look-Alike Actress Daughter Katie Shared Photos with Her Husband Matthew Rodgers

The daughter of the late actor David Cassidy took to Instagram to share a few intimate moments of her life shared with her husband.

32-year-old Katie Cassidy cannot stop gushing about her husband, Matthew Rodgers, on social media. The actress has been flaunting their romance on social by sharing their couple-time photos.


Cassidy first posted their photograph as a married couple on the day of their wedding. She shared a snapshot that showed Cassidy and Rodgers kissing.

She captioned the post, “I can’t help falling in love with you… Yes! It’s official! I love you, my husband.” She added the hashtag, "Mrs. Rodgers.”

Following this, Cassidy has continued to praise her husband through various Instagram posts, where she often expresses her love for him.

In another post, Cassidy shared a photo collage of them and advised her female followers to “find a gentleman who isn’t afraid to fall in love with your inner goofball.”

The “Arrow” actress added, “Then marry him. It turns out laughing is more fun!”


A few months ago in April, Cassidy took to Instagram to share another photo that sees Rodgers embracing her from behind while both of them are all smiles looking into the camera.

Through the post, Cassidy expressed her gratitude toward Rodgers for being supportive and being her “best friend.”

“Thank you for being my rock, the most amazing man I’ve ever met & best friend. We go all the way 100% Guaranteed,” she captioned the post.

Earlier in May, she posted yet another snapshot, reminiscent of their wedding-day post, which sees the couple kissing in matching white outfits.


Cassidy and Rodgers tied the knot on December 9, 2018, in a ceremony held at Sunset Key, Florida.

The actress, who announced the engagement back in June 2017, had also been teasing her fans with wedding-related social media posts prior to her big day.

Cassidy is following in the footsteps of her famous father with a successful career in acting. However, the father-daughter duo allegedly had their differences and always shared a complicated relationship. 

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