Fans Defend Ayesha Curry after Trolls Mock Her Milly Rock Dance

Ayesha Curry can’t seem to catch a break with Twitter trolls, and this time, they’re coming for her because – wait for it – she was dancing at her restaurant. Fortunately, several fans, including her ever-supportive husband Steph Curry, came to her defense.

Sadly, getting trolled kind of comes with the territory as a celebrity, but with Ayesha, it’s becoming one too many. The woman can’t seem to breathe without social media savages having something to say.

This time, it all started after radio station Hot 97 posted a video of Ayesha doing a dance called The Milly Rock as her husband watched and friends cheered in the background.

It was apparent that the cookbook author was trying to be goofy, but many seemed to ignore that while replying to the question posed in the caption: “Did #AyeshaCurry kill her Milly Rock?”


“Steph did this chick a favor when he married her,” tweeted one troll while another said, “I feel so bad for Steph.”

As usual, there were also countless memes and GIFs poking fun at Ayesha and her marriage to Steph. Some even went as far as using GIFs of the NBA star giving side-eye or shaking his head in seeming disapproval.


Ayesha didn’t react to the cruel jokes, but she didn’t need to. Other Twitter users came to her defense in no time.

“The obsession y’all have with this lady is disturbing,” observed one fan while another gave haters something to think about with an old Oprah interview clip where Gabrielle Union dropped some truth about tearing another woman down.

A third fan wrote:

“Ayesha Curry can’t have fun? Yet she’s happily married (to a man who’s never in scandal) with a beautiful family. You guys version of “cool” are lonely, bitter women, living through their second childhood in their 30s. Lol I’m good.”


The “Family Food Fight” host’s No. 1 fan, Steph, also had something to say to the internet police who spent so much time tearing down his wife over a goofy dance she did to celebrate opening her fourth restaurant, International Smoke, in California.

“Slow news day today, I see, huh?” he said in a video posted to his Instagram Stories. “Just make sure y’all send me the video of you dancing at your own restaurant opening. And we’re going to keep Milly Rocking until that happens.”


Although Ayesha chose to stay quiet this time, she has had plenty to say in the past when internet trolls picked on her.

In May, the mom-of-three was dragged ruthlessly after confessing her insecurities about not getting as much male attention as her husband does from his female fans.


Never one to shy away from her true feelings, Ayesha addressed the negative feedback with a classy message about speaking your truth “regardless of perception, fitting into a mold or offending someone.”

The same month, the world got to see Ayesha go into “Mama Bear” overdrive when an Instagram user body-shamed her now-one-year-old son, Canon. Ayesha and Steph also have daughters Riley, 6 and Ryan, 4.

“Excuse you? No. Just no,” was all she had to say to pass across her message: Don’t mess with my kids.

Ultimately, it appears Ayesha knows how to hold her own on these dangerous internet streets. Go, Ayesha!

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