Watch Gabrielle Union's Baby Kaavia Growl After Watching 'Stranger Things'

Kaavia James Wade AKA "Shady Baby" showed off her monster-noise making talent after watching Season 3 of "Stranger Things!"

Fans of Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's baby girl Kaavia just can't miss "Shady Baby's" latest video.

It looks like little Kaavia is already acquiring the skills of a true thespian, and may make her mom proud as she follows in her footsteps - at least in monster movies.

"Soooooo @kaaviajamesfinished Stranger Things Season 3 ????‍♀️ Teach the children, let them lead the way ???????????????" Gabrielle Union


Apparently, Kaavia is a fan of the Netflix sci-fi horror series "Stranger Things," and according to Gabrielle, she started mimicking the sound effects after watching Season 3.

In the vid, Kaavia can be seen growling adorably, even as mom encourages her, asking her to make the "big monster" noise. Maybe Netflix will sign her on for the next season. With her menacing frown and scary growl, she'd be a shoo-in!

For Gabrielle, Kaavia is little less than a miracle.


Since Gabrielle opened an Instagram account for her daughter, "Shady Baby" has garnered over 800,000 followers, ane her "growling" video garnered over 1,000,000 views. That is quite a fan base for an 8-month-old,


But what makes Kaavia such a draw? Social media is overrun with celebrity babies, but "Shady Baby" seems to be in a class of her own.

While other babies sweetly smile and gurgle, Kaavia looks the word in the eye and growls. The tiny girl has a massive personality that makes itself felt, and Gabrielle has revealed that she has a mind of her own.


For Gabrielle, Kaavia is little less than a miracle. After several miscarriages and grueling fertility treatments that placed her health at risk, she was persuaded by her husband to have their baby carried by a surrogate.

The miracle happened and the happy couple welcomed Kaavia in October 2018. Dwyane Wade already has 3 sons from previous relationships and is raising his sister's son.

Being the only girl in a household of boys will certainly be a challenge...for the boys.

Watch out world, here comes "Shady Baby."


Baby Kaavia's getting the goods on this man/woman dynamics stuff from the word go,

She was recently on a playdate with a baby boy, who ended up getting the short end of the stick when he didn't do exactly what "Shady Baby" wanted, and she wasn't shy about expressing her disapproval.

“Men are from Mars… @kaaviajames is angry  I. Cannot. Take. It. #PlaydateShowdown,” Gabrielle Union wrote.

Kaavia tried to touch her playmate's face and hair, and when he ran away, she made sure he knew she wasn't happy with his behavior with a furious yell.He tried to yell back, but he just wasn't a match for our "Shady Baby."

You tell, him, Kaavia, men must learn their place.

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