Maureen McCormick of 'Brady Bunch' Shares Childhood Photo of Her Brother with Special Needs, Dennis

The actress took to Instagram to share throwback images with her disabled brother and pleaded with fans to support her cause to better the lives of people with special needs.

A memory trip into the late 1960s would remind TV show fans of the hit series, 'Brady Brunch' which ran for about five years before its abrupt end in 1974.

The film whose plot was built along a blended family featured several young stars and among the list was beautiful actress Maureen McCormick. Maureen played the role of Marcia Brady.

Maureen was one actress that managed to capture the heart of fans with her beautiful personality despite the travails she experienced over her teenage and early adult life.

Decades have gone, and she’s still very much a favorite face and this time with more humanitarian works to her name. 

A few days back, she shared an adorable throwback image of herself and her brother, Dennis, with special needs and advocated for more attention and support for others like him.

In a caption which followed the throwback photo, Maureen wrote:

“Today is #InclusionRevolution, and I am inspired by my brother with special needs and everyone out there who has ever felt lonely, isolated, left out, challenged, and bullied. Please join me and @specialOlympics and take the #InclusionRevolution pledge to help create a more inclusive world. Thank you”

and subsequently wished her readers a beautiful weekend.

It was apparent several internet users approved of her actions and attested to that with their supportive comments. An Instagram commenter, @tracymspence wrote:

“Thank you for all you do to keep reminding people we all belong. Everyone has a right to be included.”

The commenter went further ahead to disclose that she also grew up with a sibling who had special needs and described the experience as “painful” as she witnessed ‘the sting of taunting’ that came with her sibling’s condition.


A few years back, while featuring on a Sunday night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity show, the actress could hardly keep her emotions under check as she recounted her experience with her brother going up.

According to her, back when her brother was born, her parents were told that he should be institutionalized or put away, but they didn’t let him go. Hence her reason for being passionately involved in ensuring a better life for people with special needs.

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