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July 23, 2019

Paula Deen’s Baby Grandchildren Enjoy Playtime (Photo)

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The daughter-in-law of celebrity chef, Paula Deen, shared a snapshot of two of her triplets playing with their toys in an Instagram story. She and her husband, Bobby Deen, welcomed their adorable triplets last October.

The world of Instagram became a hundred times cuter when Claudia shared a cute picture of her babies enjoying their playtime. 

In the snapshot, two of the triplets who were born prematurely played with their toys as they lay on their bellies.

Two of Claudia and Bobby Deen’s triplets enjoy some playtime. | Source: Instagram/ClaudiaDeen



Claudia and Bobby’s little angels were so eager to come into this world that they arrived here 4 months earlier than expected

Luckily, they are doing just fine and their family could not be any happier.


The triplets, two baby girls, Olivia and Amelia, and a baby boy, Linton, had everyone worried when they were born at merely 26 weeks and four days. 

The infants were closely monitored by doctors at the hospital through the New Year. During that time, Paula said that the family was beyond grateful to be blessed with the precious miracles. 

“It’s going to be a long ride for these precious three angels, but we’ve got complete faith that God’s got His arms wrapped all around them and He’s going to see them through this until they can come home. It looks like that might be January, so they’ll have to stay in the hospital for about three months. This family is so very blessed and Bobby and Claudia are really, really proud parents.”




The adorable triplets wouldn’t have been able to fill the Deen family’s life with happiness if it wasn’t for an athletic center in Savannah, GA where their parents met for the first time


Claudia was pursuing her Master’s Degree at Savannah College of Art and Design where she also worked as a running coach.

There, she met Bobby through one of the strength trainers at the university who he often trained with.

A few years later, Bobby asked Claudia out on a date and four months later, the duo got engaged. The lovebirds tied the knot on July 13, 2013.