Late Beth's Stepdaughter 'Baby Lyssa' Shares an Old Photo of Smiling Chapman Women

Lyssa Chapman, the late Beth Chapman’s stepdaughter shared a throwback photo of herself, the deceased, and other women in her family on social media.

It’s almost a month since Beth Chapman hiked up the stairway to heaven, and in the days and weeks after her demise, her stepdaughter, Lyssa Chapman, has paid tribute to her and reminisced about their time together with several posts on social media.

In a recent post on Instagram, the young woman who is fondly called "Baby Lyssa” shared an old photo of herself, the deceased, Bonnie and Cecily Chapman, and a little girl.

The Chapman women looked happy; they all wore smiles, and as per Lyssa’s recent trend, she captioned the photo, “2014.” Fans of the Hawaii resident wrote in the comment section that the women looked beautiful, while others lamented that Beth was too young to die.

The throwback photos came days after Lyssa shared never-before-seen photos of the late matriarch and herself to her Instagram story.  In the first and second, the women smiled while leaning their heads against each other and Beth putting her arm around her stepdaughter.

In the third, the late bounty hunter stood in what appeared to be her home, smiling and looking larger than life.  Baby Lyssa since Beth died, has shared her pain with her social media followers, and after the first memorial service the Chapmans’ had for the late DTBH star, Lyssa wrote on Instagram that it felt like a bad dream.

The Hawaiian businesswoman asked someone to wake her up and asked her fans to pray for her family. She also shared a video on Twitter, of her and the deceased playing a prank on her father, Duane “Dog” Chapman, and one of their crew members, Tim, while filming DTBH.

The pain of the loss has equally brought Lyssa closer to Beth’s daughter, Cecily, and she shared a photo of the two of them drinking tea and remembering their mum. The TV star wrote that if their mum were alive, she would not let them have an off day and sit around doing nothing. 

The photo and the words evoked emotions in her followers who shared their condolences once again and sent prayers to the Chapmans’, asking them to remain strong.

Beth died on June 26, after a brief hospitalization brought on by her cancer, and she left the world in good terms with Lyssa whom she had a feud with, in May, and the two women loved each other even though they didn’t always agree. 

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