Joke: Farmer Boy Who Overturned His Wagon-Load Is Invited to His Neighbor's House

"Love thy neighbor" takes a new twist in this funny joke about a farmer's young son and his helpful next-door neighbor. See if you can anticipate the ending.

A farm boy accidentally overturned his wagon-load of corn.

A nearby farmer heard the noise and came out to investigate. Standing in his farm and looking over the fence, he noticed how distraught the boy looked.

"Hey Wilmer!" the farmer yelled. "Forget your troubles. Come in and have a bite with us. Then I'll help you get the wagon up."

Farmer with his cows. | Source: Unsplash

Farmer with his cows. | Source: Unsplash

"That's mighty nice of you," Wilmer answered,

"But I don't think Pa would like me to."

"Aw, come on. I've fed your Pa a time or two in the thirty years we've lived side-by-side," the farmer insisted.

He had boys of his own he was training to be good farmhands, and he knew how easily one mistake could lead to feelings of insecurity."

Well okay," the boy finally agreed, and added, "But Pa won't like it."

Wagon in a field. | Source: Pexels

Wagon in a field. | Source: Pexels

After a hearty dinner with four other boys around his age and the farmer's kind wife, Wilmer thanked his host. "I feel a lot better now, but I know Pa is going to be really upset about this."

"Don't be foolish, son!" the neighbor said with a smile. "Your Pa would be happy that I fed you today; it's what neighbors do. By the way, where is your Pa?"Wilmer replied,

"Under the wagon." 

Okay, then maybe Pa wouldn't be so happy about Wilmer's hour-long dinner; what do you think? Remember to share this funny joke with your friends.

Here's another one that will definitely cheer you up. 

A primary school teacher handed out coloring pages to her students – on them was a picture of a frog holding an umbrella.

When the class handed them back in, one little boy had colored the frog bright purple. The teacher scolded him, asking: “How often have you seen a purple frog?”

The little boy was both surprised and offended by his teacher's remarks. He shrugged and answered with a straight face:

“The same number of times I’ve seen a frog holding an umbrella.”

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