Daily Joke: A Teacher Handed out Coloring Pages to Her Students

They can outsmart the teacher or make hilarious mistakes. They can come up with the wittiest replies. Children are definitely a challenge to any adult, first of all to schoolteachers.

Children can be a handful. Not only because of what they physically do, but also because of what goes on in their heads and how they try to prove their views right or simply fool the authority figures with their clever remarks.

This selection of jokes brought by you via Starts at 60 goes through different examples of some responses of children that baffle us and crack us all up. We hope you enjoy them.

Child drawing with crayons. | Image: Pexels

Child drawing with crayons. | Image: Pexels


A primary school teacher handed out coloring pages to her students – on them was a picture of a frog holding an umbrella.

When the class handed them back in, one little boy had colored the frog bright purple. The teacher scolded him, asking: “How often have you seen a purple frog?”

The little boy was both surprised and offended by his teacher's remarks. He shrugged and answered with a straight face:

“The same number of times I’ve seen a frog holding an umbrella.”


Little Johnny wasn’t doing too well at school. One day, a teacher handed him back another failed test and shook his head saying: “I hope you know, when your father sees this report, all of his hair will go grey!”

A big smile came across Little Johnny’s face. He probably didn't get the teacher's intention as he said:

“Nice! That will make him very happy – he’s been bald for years!”


If you want to keep laughing at children’s responses, you definitely will want to check out this story about a child’s very peculiar interpretation of one of the central stories to Christianity, that of the birth of Jesus.

The religion teacher never knew how mistaken this little guy was about a biblical episode until she saw the drawing her student made. That joke is another proof that children are unique!

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