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Daily Joke: Teacher Falls Asleep in Class

Rebelander Basilan
Jan 24, 2021
04:20 P.M.
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When Little Johnny saw their teacher falling asleep in class, he immediately approached him and asked if he was sleeping. But the teacher immediately denied this claim.


Little Johnny was still skeptical, so he asked his teacher, who was 50 years old, what he was doing a while ago. The teacher then replied that he was only talking to God.

The following day, Little Johnny fell asleep in the class, and the same teacher walked up to him. The teacher asked him if he was sleeping, and the little boy denied it immediately.

Boy listening to the teacher | Photo: Pexels


The teacher asked what he was doing. Johnny replied he was talking to God. The teacher then asked what did God tells him, and he replied, "God said he hadn't talked to you at all yesterday."


Here is another joke about a wonderful first-grade teacher who taught her class about animals. You're guaranteed to laugh when you read this story.

A woman teaching her students at school. | Photo: Pexels


The first-grade teacher showed the class photos of animals and asked them to name them. She showed a picture of a lamb, and a little girl replied that it was a picture of a sheep.

The teacher was happy with the child's answer and said it was correct. "How about this one?" she asked, pointing at the picture of the king of beasts. A little boy replied that it was a lion.

Pupils raising their hands. | Photo: Pexels


The teacher was pleased with the boy's answer and told him his answer was right as well. Then she held up an image of a deer and asked for volunteers. No one volunteered, so she offered to help.

The teacher asked her beautiful students what the mothers called their fathers. Minutes later, a boy named Johnny stood up. "I know it; it's a lazy old goat!" he exclaimed.

Little kids raising their hands in class | Photo: Nicole Honeywill/Unsplash



It's always fun to read a humorous story like this one. Here's another joke you will definitely enjoy. This one is about a beautiful woman who left her purse on a bus.

When the woman stepped off the bus, she realized that she had forgotten her purse onboard. She turned around, and the bus had already left. She then called the bus company.

Red double deck bus on the road. | Photo: Pexels


The woman was relieved to learn the bus driver found her purse. When she went back to retrieve it, a man handed her a box containing her belongings along with two typewritten pages.

The man told her that lost belongings, such as purses and wallets, could be found here. As she piled her things back into her bag, he asked if she minds if they were watching.

Woman having a phone conversation. | Photo: Pexels


The man added that no matter how hard they tried, none of them could fit everything in her purse. He went on to say that he would be interested to see how she does it.

In case those jokes made you laugh, here's one about a policeman interviewing applicants for a detective job. The cop used a picture from a suspect to test the detective skills of the applicants.

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