Cardi B Says Baby Kulture Has 'Same Energy' as Mom but Her Attitude Is 'Dad'

Baby Kulture is just like her mum! Rapper, Cardi B recently spilled a little secret to her fans on her Instagram page, and yes it had something to do with her adorable daughter, Kulture Kiari.

Cardi B shared a lovely video on her Instagram page to the amusement of her fans. In the short clip, baby Kulture could be seen strapped to a beautiful pink baby rocker chair. The best part of the video was however when the viral song, "Baby Shark" came on.

As soon as Kulture heard the song play, she excitedly started grooving to the beat. What amazed most of her mother's fans was Kulture's adorable moves and boisterous personality, which can be attributed to her mum.  

The video which has since amassed millions of views and thousands of comments had one notable message attached to it. Cardi B, 26, wrote in the caption:

“It’s crazy how God not only gives you a kid that looks like you but with the same energy and personality ??”


She continued:

“My baby is naturally hype, slick? , and funny.”

The rapper added teasingly that although Kulture has a little bit of attitude, she didn't get it from her. She joked:

“And ok yea a little attitude too but I’m putting that part on her dad.”

Apart from her looks and boisterous personality, the one-year-old seems also to share her mom’s taste in luxury rides.  

In a clip shared by Cardi B, which has since been deleted, Kulture could be seen riding a hot pink kids' ride-on-car with no difficulty.

Looking excited to be in the Luxury Kids Car Club’s Rolls Royce Cullinan, the gorgeous toddler could be seen hanging her arm out of the car as she continued to drive.

Most can't wait to watch Kulture grow up and become a sensational act like her beautiful and talented mother, Cardi B.

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