July 29, 2019

Sherri Shepherd Reveals She's Gained Weight after Losing More Than 30 Pounds

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Sherri Shepherd came out clean about gaining extra weight shortly after her Keto-diet paid off by helping her rid herself of 25 pounds and a type II diabetic status.


Actress, Sherri Shepherd took to Instagram to relay her struggles with weight loss since adopting a keto-diet late last year.


The Emmy winner admitted that although her new diet plan was helpful, as it made her lose about twenty-five pounds in less than six months, she was having a challenging time trying to keep up with the progress.

Shepherd said in her social media post that her recent series of travels was to blame for the weight gain as it prevented her from engaging in her daily work out sessions.


It also prevented the 52-year-old from keeping up with her healthy diet plan as being on the road regularly exposed her to eating out, which made it harder for the actress to stay off the carbs.


The beautiful mother of two was, however, not daunted by the little setback. Sherri is determined to get herself right back on track and to do this; the actress revealed that she partnered with @healthywage, to have an excellent incentive to refocus on her weight loss routine.


Shepherd told her fans that she was on a new bid to lose 15lbs in six months, and invited them to join her in the weight loss challenge saying:

“want to join me and win $$$ if you meet your weight loss goal- go to (and get additional $50 added to your win if you sign up using my name).”

The award winning actress also stated that in barely a month with her new weight loss instructors, she already saw some improvements. Fans patronized the comment section to commend the mother of two on her weight journey while complimenting her beautiful new look.



The television personality spoke up about her incredible weight loss in December last year, when she revealed that she was on a Keto diet plan, which required her to cut out carbs and sugar.

She posted on social media then that she already shed 25 pounds on account of that, but the extraordinary weight loss was not the only surprise the actress had in store for her fans. 


About two months ago, the former co-host of “The View,” who has been managing type II diabetes since 2007, revealed that her sugar level was no longer on the rise. Her doctor declared that she was not even prediabetic.

Sherri’s weight loss journey which was inspired by her son has undoubtedly paid off in more ways than one, and the actress is dauntless in her quest to remain a healthy “bodyguard” to her two adorable kids.