50 Cent Says 'It's Racial' When Talking about 'Power' Emmy Snub

50 Cent shares his thoughts about "Power" being snubbed at the Emmys once again, which he says is a "racial issue." 

50 Cent believes "Power" has been overlooked by the Emmys through the years, despite the success of the series that has a prominently black cast. 

On Power's Emmy Snub

According to the rapper, who is the executive producer of the series, he believes it's a racial issue that needs to be addressed. He made his controversial statement at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, saying: 

"I like to say it's racial. That's the easy way to get out of things. People who are running and connected to these ceremonies are not necessarily cool people."

After he said that, "Power" creator Courtney Kemp sarcastically commented, "So now we'll never get one!" 

Power revolves around the character played by Omari Hardwick, who is trying to leave his illegal career as a drug kingpin and go legit.

While it's one of Starz's most popular shows to date, it has never translated into any Emmy nomination. 

With the rapper thinking it's a race issue, it shows just how much distrust he has with society. This dates back to his own experiences, one of them being his encounter with an NYPD officer who ordered cops to "shoot him on sight." 

A Cop Encounter

Back in March, 50 Cent announced on social media that he was outraged when a commanding officer from Brooklyn threatened to shoot him on sight. 

Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez of the Sunset Park Precinct told his officers to "shoot him on sight" during one of their role calls back in 2018. 

The threat happened when the rapper-turned-producer attended an NYPD charity boxing match at the Bronx. 

While no proof of the incident has been recorded, NYPD is investigating the threat and it is currently under internal review.

During the investigation, Gonzalez, who is nearing his third decade with the police force, will continue to be on active duty. 

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