Scottie Pippen's Alleged Mistress Reportedly Sues Him for Travel Expenses during Affair

After suing a 5-year-old in court, Scottie Pippen faces a new round of legal issues courtesy of his alleged mistress. She claims he owes her close to $10k in travel expenses incurred during their alleged affair over twenty years ago. 

Decades after their alleged affair, Scottie Pippen’s alleged mistress filed court documents suing the basketball star for money he owed her during their tryst.


According to The Blast, a woman named Chyvette Valentine has taken steps to sue Pippen in a small claims court. She claims he owes her for travel expenses amounting to $9,999 which were incurred between 1987 and 1993, the period she engaged in an affair with the former Chicago Bulls player. 

Valentine revealed in court documents that she would travel to see Pippen while he was on the road for the NBA. She advanced expenses for transportation, hotel, and food, all of which Pippen promised to reimburse but never did.

Still in the middle of his divorce with Larsa Pippen, the 53-year-old also has an ongoing case against comedian Lindsay Glazer who he claims trashed his mansion after renting it from him back in 2017.


At the time, Pippen was married to his ex-wife, Karen McCollum who he wed in 1988 and divorced in 1990. Valentine admitted she wasn’t aware of the marriage when she first started dating Pippen. She became suspicious when she saw baby formula in Pippen’s home but he told her they were his sister’s. It was only in February 1988 while they were in bed when Valentine learned the truth from the six-time NBA champion.


It’s unclear why it took close to three decades before Valentine decided to sue Pippen who probably doesn’t need more legal issues on his plate at this time. 

Still in the middle of his divorce with Larsa Pippen, the 53-year-old also has an ongoing case against comedian Lindsay Glazer who he claims trashed his mansion after renting it from him back in 2017. He also accused her of failing to pay rent on time and not securing the required $1 million insurance policy. He estimated damages to amount to $100,000. 


Last May, the basketball legend amended the case which he first filed in December by adding the comedian’s 5-year-old to the lawsuit. He accused the little girl of causing damage to his Fort Lauderdale property with the use of crayons and markers. 

Glazer responded by mocking Pippen and calling him “the crazy one suing little girls.”

With this case and his divorce still pending in court, we wonder if Pippen will still have the patience to attend to Valentine's claims. More importantly, we wonder why she thinks she has any chance of reimbursing her expenses after such a long time. Pippen must be shaking his head in disbelief. 

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