Christine Pelosi Shares Photogrid of Pictures Taken with Nancy's 10-Year-Old Granddaughter Isabella

Nothing compares to family time, and Nancy Pelosi's daughter, Christine stops at nothing to display this in a recent Instagram upload.

Recently, Christine updated her social media with a collage showing off her outing with her family. The post features Isabella, Nancy's granddaughter, as well as Isabella's parents.

The little princess who had her brunette hair loose wore a happy smile revealing that she was excited about the outing in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. She adorned a yellow and white striped top, with blue jeans as a base. To crown her look, she rocked a nerdy black glasses.

Isabella wasn't the only one having fun; her mother and father all looked overjoyed, as some columns of the image shared showed the family smiling at the camera.

The Instagram upload captioned:


Family hang out or not; Nancy's granddaughter is never tired of giving a happy look. At the beginning of the year when her politician grandmother was elected as the first female to serve as House Speaker, the little princess was seen cheering her granny.

The 9-year-old couldn't curtail her joy at the opening session of the 116th Congress at the US capital. First, she fist pumped and then joined in the roaring applause for the California Democrat.

Netizens noticed the cheering Isabella and they commended her move. One Twitter user even noticed the "Madam Speaker" pin she had on her outfit. How supportive of her!

During the swearing-in, Nancy's other children garnered to show their support, but the little princess took the front stage. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and although it is unsure what career path, the youngster will tread, what is certain is that Isabella possesses the same dexterity as her bold and determined grandmother.

Nancy Pelosi holds the record of being the first female to lead a political party in American politics. Her doggedness to controversial issues such as women's reproductive rights, labor rights, as well as environmental issues, has proved her to be competent over the years.

Entering the political scene in 1976, she earned the name "Latte liberal." The California Democrat treaded her father's path; as a young girl, she looked up to her politician dad, Thomas J. D'Alesandro Jr. Mr. Thomas was the path of the House of Representatives, representing the Little Italian faction

Nancy has been representing the San Francisco people since 1987; the people happen to always return her to the seat as their Rep. The world is abreast with Nancy's achievements, and they can't help but notice her smart grandchild.

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