Luke Bryan's Wife Caroline Shares Photos & Videos from Their Vacation

Sweet couple, Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline Boyer, spent a good amount of time together on their vacation at Discovery Land. Caroline shared pictures and videos of some moments they had with her followers on Instagram. 

Caroline Boyer and Luke Bryan are a fantastic and sweet couple, and their numerous fans love them. The couple also knows how to have fun; they showed this side of them during their vacation.


The other half of the Country duo shared the funny picture and videos with her fans. The post contained one picture and four videos. The photo showed the couple posing for a picture, with Luke in particular in an awkward position.

The first of four videos showed the couple in open water, and Luke announced that they were swimming with the pig. The next video showed Luke playing with a pig, while the third video showed the funky Luke showcasing his dance moves in front of a signpost.


The last video showed the country couple leaving their vacation, and announcing that they were going back to their babies. 

Caroline's caption to the post read:

"Prime example of why we are only allowed a few days off. Thank you @discoverylandcompany. "

Commenters to the post were amused by it, especially with Luke's dancing. They pointed out on how goofy, and down to earth the couple was, with one particular commenter saying she would love to have them at her next party, as they were her kind of party peeps.


Luke and Caroline were high school sweethearts and married in 2006. They have been through the ups and downs in their union, and even went through a long break up before coming back together, and getting married.

For 12 years, they have remained strong, and have two sons, Thomas Boyer Bryan and Tatum Christopher Bryan, aged eleven and eight years old respectively. 

Apart from their two children, the funky couple is also raising Luke's late elder sister, Kelly's teenage son, Tilden; Kelly died in 2007.

Luke and Caroline began raising Tilden in 2014 after his father, Ben Lee Cheshire, passed away. Tilden's older sisters, Kris and Jordan are also constant visitors to the Bryan household.

The couple always posts pictures and videos about moments in their children's lives and other aspects of their daily lives on their Instagram pages, which are always fun to watch.

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