Lindsay Hayward of 'My Giant Life' Posts Old Baby Bump Pics & Reveals Her 'Scary' Labor Experience

Professional wrestler and actress, Lindsay Hayward recounted her labor experience. She posted pictures of her old baby bump in honor National Bump Day, and also tried to raise funds for Maternal Health.

For pregnant women, there could be nothing as joyous as giving birth to new life and hearing the shrill cry of a newborn baby popping out from their wombs. However, some of these women go through so much pain before and after childbirth.

Lindsay Hayward recounted her experience during pregnancy and childbirth on her Instagram page when she posted pictures of her old baby bump to celebrate Bump Day.


The wrestler, also known as “Isis the Amazon,” posted three pictures of herself, showing her baby bump. The first picture showed her wearing a short and unzipped hoodie, revealing her baby bump.

In the second picture, she wore a red gown with a slit in the middle, also revealing the bump. In this particular picture, she was looking up to the roses in the air and exclaimed happily.

The third picture showed her in a white shirt with red inscription, and black leggings, resting on a wall; her baby bump bulged out as she stared at the camera. The pictures were all taken in Las Vegas.

In Lindsay’s caption, she explained how she loved Las Vegas so much that she decided to take her maternity photos in the city. She then went on to narrate her experience during pregnancy, as she had to undergo a C-section due to fears of her placenta rupturing.

She also described the concerns she had of her body never being the same, and how it hasn’t returned to its former condition two years after.

She, however, said she has been able to pull through all her difficulties, thanks in part to Nana Banana, medical care, and two amazing obstetric gynecologists. She ended her post by calling on her followers to share photos of their baby bumps, to raise funds for Maternal Health.

The International Medical Corps replied to Lindsay’s post, thanking her for spreading awareness about maternal issues worldwide, and beckoning on her to sign up for next year’s Bump Day.


Lindsay gave birth to her son, Liam Maddox Hayward on September 12, 2017. The baby, who will turn two in a month, weighed 11.7lbs and measured 21.5in at his birth.

Lindsay was joyous after his birth and posted an emotion-laden picture of herself kissing her newborn on the head. She captioned the photo with the words, “My Miracle. My Flesh. My Son.”

No one knows who Lindsay’s baby daddy is, though there are suspicions it could be her ex-boyfriend, Paul Gorvin.

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