Jada Pinkett-Smith Says She’s in a Good Place as She Talks Life in Her Forties

Jada Pinkett Smith is enjoying “the second half o her life,” and she couldn’t be happier. The “Red Table Talk” creator opened about how much the show has changed her life, and why it’s important to talk about all the difficult topics she usually discusses on it.

Jada Pinkett Smith will be turning 48 in a month, and if there’s something she has learned after entering her forties, is that she needed to make many changes to be happy in the second part of her life.


The actress referred to the past years as “a transition” while talking to Christine Lampard on ITV’s morning show “Lorraine.”

The “Red Table Talk” is a tool to share experiences and learn how to navigate life knowing there are other people out there with the same struggles.

“It's just kind of that transition,” she said. “You have to do things much differently in the second half of life as you realize that you need different things to be happy. That was across my whole life personally and professionally.”

And continued:

“I'm in a really good place professionally and personally. This program [Red Table Talk[ has really helped my personal self-growth as well.”


Speaking about the show, Jada revealed that the original idea was born when her daughter Willow was 11-years-old. At the time, she created the first-ever red table talk on Mother’s Day after she realized there were many complicated relationships between mothers and daughters.

“I was like ‘wow there are three generations of us,’ and we've all been through various things from different generations. Willow, myself and my mother,” she said. And added:

“I realized too that Willow didn't really know my story or my mother’s story either – because we live with people that we think we know, and we don’t. So that's really how the whole concept was birthed.”


Red Table Talk” was released on Facebook Watch in May 2018, and it quickly gained the attention of millions of people worldwide.

The show, which Jada co-host with her mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris, and her daughter Willow Smith, follows the women’s conversation on topics such as domestic violence, self-harm, polyamory relationships, divorce, racism, and many more subjects that are typically seen as taboo.

When asked if it’s challenging to sit down and discuss such complicated topics knowing that there’s an audience watching, Pinkett Smith said that she believes it is crucial to put an example of open communication out there.

Everybody’s hurting and dealing with different struggles, she said, so, the “Red Table Talk” is a tool to share experiences and learn how to navigate life knowing there are other people out there with the same struggles.

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