Singer Joe Longthorne Dead at 64

Joe Longthonre, the world-famous singer and impressionist, has recently passed away at the age of 64, leaving behind a legacy that only a few can come close to.

The musician drew his last breath this Saturday, August 3, in his bedroom and laying in the arms of James Moran, his devoted husband of 21 years.

The sad announcement was made through the singer's official website, where it says that he died holding his beloved rosary beads against his chest.


Born Joseph Patrick Longthorne on May 31, 1995, in Kingston, he started catching everyone's attention at locally and become one of the biggest stars of "Junior Showtime" in 1969.

Week after week, Longthorne wowed the audience with fantastic performances and never failed to impress. After leaving the show at the age of 16, he already had quite a lot of experience regarding show business.


His big break came in 1981 by ITVs "Search For A Star," and he quickly went on to be featured in several other shows and events, such as "The Laughter Show" and the "Royal Variety Performance."

Unfortunately, Longthorne was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1989, news that shocked him to the bone. Later on, he said:

"Cancer is not a word you expect to hear when things are going so well. I felt invincible and suddenly out of the blue, I felt helpless. I had two choices - to give in or fight."

The performer chose the latter and continued pushing out multiple albums throughout the 90s and showing up on stage to deliver powerful performances.

During that time, Longshore was also diagnosed with Leukemia, and his health issues were further complicated by a bone marrow transplant in 2006.


He was so close to death that he was given the last rites by a priest. Miraculously, he made a spectacular recovery and resumed his successful career.

Five years later, in 2011, Longhtorne was involved in a severe car crash that could have taken his life but managed to walk away with a broken nose and broken ribs.

In 2014, he was also submitted to surgery to remove a cancerous tumor located on the right side of his throat, a result of the mouth cancer he was diagnosed with.

The late-artist was very well-loved by fans, friends and family, and was known for his trademark good humor. He is survived by sister Ann and brother John.

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