August 06, 2019

Senator Bernie Sanders Mourns Death of El Paso Shooting Victims with a Moment of Silence

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Everyone is still reeling from the shock of the recent El Paso shooting, and Senator Bernie Sanders is no exception. He sweetly honored the memory of the victims during his campaign event.

Via Twitter, ABC News shared a short clip of the American politician instructing the people present at the campaign to observe a brief moment of silence for the victims of the mass killing at El Paso.

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks during the Planned Parenthood Action Fund We Decide 2020 Election Membership Forum | Photo: Getty Images



"I think all of you are aware of another mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. As we understand it based on the latest information, 18 people were killed, others were wounded," Sanders said solemnly.

At the campaign which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sanders' words caused a sad stir from the listening audience. The 77-year-old's mannerisms also let on that he was also forlorn.

Sen. Bernie Sanders walking through the Ohio Clock Corridor in the Senate chamber | Photo: Getty Images


"So, if we could just take a brief moment to keep those families in mind and pray for the recovery of those who were wounded," Sanders further said.

He then bowed his head to pay tribute for a long moment. The clip ended as Sanders raised his head and said a thank you to the audience before continuing with his campaign event.

As at the time of the video, August 3, the death toll had indeed been 18, but now, it has risen to twenty with many others still fatally injured.


At such a sensitive time like this, Sanders' sentimental display is touching and is indeed laudable. If nothing else, the families of the victims need every iota of support they can get at such a time when the incident is still just a few days old.


The mass killing, which is now widely described as the El Paso shooting, happened on August 3, at a vast Walmart store situated in El Paso.

According to reports, a 21-year-old man, now identified as Patrick Crusius suddenly opened fire in the shopping mall using an AK 47-style assault rifle.


U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders at the National Action Network National convention in New York City | Photo: Getty Images

He allegedly started shooting from the parking lot and moved on into the Walmart itself. The high number of victims has made the El Paso killing labeled one of the deadliest mass shootings in U. S. history.


ABC News shares that authorities are currently holding Crusius on a charge of capital murder. John Bash, the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas, said that federal authorities are investigating the incident as an act of "domestic terrorism."

Sen. Bernie Sanders honoring the memory of the El Paso victims during his campaign event | Photo: Twitter/ABC News

This insinuates that the suspect was allegedly intent on "coercing and intimidating a civilian population." They also report that Crusius has willingly submitted to investigation.

He allegedly outlined the main aim of the shooting to be "to shoot as many Mexicans as possible." May the souls of the deceased rest in peace.