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August 11, 2019

Jana Duggar Shares Family Pictures in Celebration of 'National Sisters Day'

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In celebration of National Sisters Day, "Counting On" star Jana Duggar shared numerous snaps of herself and her lovely sisters with fans.

On August 4, the day set aside to celebrate sisters all over; the 29-year-old reality star shared eight group pictures. The pictures featured Jana and her sisters at various times. It includes laid back group selfies of the grown Duggar girls that are way too cute as well as, a throwback picture!


If there is anyone that should celebrate National Sisters Day, it is the Duggar girls who are nine in number. Jana is the oldest female child of the famous reality star couple, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. So, it is not surprising that she has posted these pictures.

Despite their large number, the Duggar siblings are generally known to have a tight-knit relationship. That is evident in the many photos which show the girls reveling in the little joys of being together.

The first picture is of Jana and three of her grown sisters, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger. The image has a background of the outdoors and is lit up by the women's bright smiles. The sisters are not always together anymore as they, excluding Jana, have all married and started their own families.



It is why devoted Duggar fans will keep these pictures a treasure for a very long time to come. As if that wasn't already enough cuteness overload, Jana shared an old photo of them right after. In the dated shot, the sisters, who wore cute girly frocks, are huddled up and smiling so excitedly while looking straight at the camera.

This picture is perhaps the most beautiful as it makes the difference between the girls then and now very obvious. The other images are just as beautiful, and in contrast to the first, the last one is a black and white photo of Jana and her much younger sisters.

In response to the adorable pictures, Anna, who is married to Josh Duggar, the eldest Duggar child, commented:


"Aw! Thankful for such sweet Sisters-in-love!"


One fan, @angela_tarango also said:

"I loved seeing the sister relationships on counting on. It seems different now that Jill and Ana don't film."

It is because of new posts like this that Jana has earned herself a massive fan following on Instagram. She is also very private when it comes to matters like her love life, and that seems to have a particular charm for fans.

Till date, there are still many speculations going about with many fans expressing curiosity over why a 29-year-old Duggar woman still hasn't tied the knot!

Fans may one day get to see Jana court a man on camera, but no one is holding their breath for that moment.