August 09, 2019

Grace Kelly's Granddaughter Camille Looks Stunning While Posing in Monte-Carlo (Photo)

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Grace Kelly was a Hollywood sweetheart, who took the cinematic universe by storm in the 90s. The late monarch had three children but never got to meet her grandchildren, although one of them is taking after her in beauty and mannerism.

Grace Kelly was an actress and Princess who lived a great life and left behind a legacy that can never be erased. The mother of three died in 1982, without being able to meet her grandchildren.


However, her granddaughter, Camille Rose Gottlieb, is making sure her grandmother’s legacy never dies, as she takes after Grace’s beauty and philanthropy. The 21-year-old looked stunning in a recent picture she uploaded on her Instagram page. 

Camille took to her Instagram page to post a photo of herself in a lovely dress. The beautiful Princess struck up a cute pose in front of a mirror at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel.


She wore a long cream-colored dressed, with shoes matching the color of her dress. Camille captioned her post with the words: “Aussi fluffy qu’un bébé oiseau,” accompanied by the emoji of a fluffy bird.

Her translation means, “As fluffy as a baby bird.” The caption perfectly demonstrated Camille’s look in the photo. Her post was loved by many of her followers, and many of them commented, telling her that looked incredibly beautiful. 


Camille’s beauty and grace were evident from her post, and once again showed her resemblance with her famous grandmother, Grace Kelly. Camille is the daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Grace’s youngest daughter.

Her father is Jean-Raymond Gottlieb, who used to be a Palace guard. For a long time, Camille remained unseen in public, but as soon as she began posting pictures of herself on social media, and making appearances in public, her resemblance with Grace was hard to ignore.


Apart from looking like Grace, Camille also took after Grace’s glamor, has her blue eyes, and love for philanthropy, as she is passionate about animal and wildlife conservation. 

Grace Kelly died at the age of 52, following complications from a car crash involving her and Camille’s mother, Princess Stephanie. She is survived by three children, Stephanie, Princess Caroline, and Albert II, the Prince of Monaco.