Daily Joke: A Man Takes His Talking Dog to a Bar

A man who owned a talking dog once visited a bar accompanied by his gifted dog. He challenged the bartender into having an interrogation session with the dog in exchange for drinks.

The bartender accepted the challenge. Looking at the bartender, he carefully threw out a challenge stating plainly that his dog was a talking dog who could answer any question correctly.

He then gave the other man a chance to question the dog saying: “If this dog can answer your questions, can we have free drinks?”

Photo of an excited dog | Shutterstock.com

Photo of an excited dog | Shutterstock.com

Eager for an opportunity to prove the dog owner wrong, and possibly make fun of him eventually, the bartender agreed to the challenge as he said:

“You can have one on the house.”

The man nodded his approval and presented his dog for questioning. The first question came unceremoniously. “What goes on the top of a house?” Asked the doubtful bartender. “Roof!” Came the dog’s excited reply, to everyone’s amazement.

Photo of a barman mixing drinks at a bar | Source: Shutterstock.com

Photo of a barman mixing drinks at a bar | Source: Shutterstock.com

Amused, the bartender threw another question to the talking dog. He asked again:

“What does tree bark feel like?”

Without much thought, the dog replied this second question as easily as he did the first, saying: “Rough!”

Again, everyone was amazed, and more attention was drawn to the trio. Desperate to save face, the barman thought hard, before he finally came up with a supposedly much tougher question. He asked the ever-ready dog:

“What is my girlfriend’s name?”

Hardly had he voiced the question before the dog blurted out his enthusiastic answer. “Ruth!” The dog exclaimed for the third time.

Dog and its owner on a field | Photo: Shutterstock.com

Dog and its owner on a field | Photo: Shutterstock.com

By this time, the bartender could take no more, as he burst out at the man angrily.  He said:

“That’s enough. You and your dog need to get out!”

The sad pair left the bar. Once outside, the dog looked at his owner with a sad expression and asked:

“Should I have said, Stacy?”

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