Meet 'Little Women: LA' Star Jasmine Arteaga Sorge's Beautiful Family

Famous “Little Women: LA” star, Jasmine Arteaga Sorge has a gorgeous family she loves to flaunt before the media. A recent photo of them has set Instagram abuzz. 

Jasmine and her husband of seven years, Chris Sorge are parents of two cute sons, Mason and Benjamin Sorge. Of the group of four, Jasmine is the only little person, and she couldn’t be happier raising her beautiful sons.

On July 18, the reality star shared a picture of her family, and they just looked so picture perfect. 

The snap features the group of four, posing sweetly for the camera half-immersed in a swimming pool. Jasmine looked stylish as always wearing an army green one-piece swimsuit while her loving husband Chris remained clothed in a black sweatshirt and matching shorts. 

Little Mason and Benjamin were similarly dressed, albeit more colorfully, in sweatshirts and shorts. The picture couldn’t have been more perfect as the beautiful family huddled up and smiled brightly for the camera.

Netizens quickly took to the comments section to leave compliments for the family and most especially, Jasmine. One fan, @forever_our_four commented:

“Hot mama! You guys are the cutest!”

While another, @maymaykirkley gushed:

“How do you stay so fit? You are the most fit on the show!! Love love love you!! You are also the most genuine!”

Another user, @angelnespo, wrote:

“Jasmine, you have an awesome and wonderful family.”

Jasmine sure knows that! Thanks to her gorgeous family as well as her bustling entertainment career, the hairstylist has won herself a large fan following on social media.

Her two sons, who are average-sized, have particularly become a fan favorite thanks to their mother’s constant proud display on Instagram. 

Jasmine is fast climbing the ladder of reality TV success, and not many know that she started out aspiring to be a singer. According to reports, “Little Women: LA,” which she joined in 2015, isn’t her first reality TV appearance.

In 2005, she auditioned for American Idol where she reportedly made it to the top 100 of the show. Although long forgotten, that is an impressive feat considering the great number of people that participate in the competition. 

If nothing else, Jasmine’s adorable family is one that fans all want to continue to watch in “Little Women: LA” and the reason couldn’t be more obvious.

She seems to have a model family; not only does she have a loving husband, but her sons also provide a cuteness overload and avid followers of the show believe she is very genuine. 

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