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Stephen Curry Shares Adorable Photo of Son on Basketball Court with Grandpa Dell

Claudine Varela
Aug 14, 2019
06:30 P.M.

Stephen Curry shares a sweet photo of his father and his son on the basketball court. He remembers his grandfather who he suspects would be proud of the adorable moment.


When Stephen Curry finally had a son, Canon Jack Curry, the one-year-old extended the line of succession of Curry men and brought on the hope that he too, like his predecessors would make it big in basketball.



It would be easy to imagine that Canon’s arrival was a happy moment for Stephen’s father, Dell Curry who must be foreseeing a bright basketball future for his grandson. The Curry men led by Dell and his sons, Stephen and Seth are all prominent names in the sport.

Likewise, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Canon, in his young age, would already be exposed to the sport. In fact, in March, he sat on the sidelines with his grandfather watching his dad’s team play against the Hornets. Canon showed interest by watching intently during the game. No doubt, his family’s blood ran deep in his veins.



As such, Dell isn’t wasting time nurturing those genes. A recent photo of him and his grandson shows them bonding on the basketball court.

The adorable snap shared by Stephen shows the former NBA great doting on his curly-haired grandson who stares back at him. The Golden State Warriors MVP captioned the pic, “The Originator x The Wolf. I know grandaddy Jack smiling down on us!”



Jack is Stephen’s grandfather, Jack Curry whose influence in the family’s discipline is strong. In fact, Dell admitted in a 2015 interview with Vice that much of Stephen’s development as a player and person can be credited to his father.

Dell said Jack taught him to "to play for fun, to play to win, but when it's over, you are who you are, especially around your family."


That same mindset is what Dell sees in Stephen today. He tells the publication,

"Steph can be one of the most competitive guys at whatever he's playing. He's confident. He's aggressive. He's careful not to show the opponent any weakness. But when he goes off the floor, he can turn that off and be a normal human being."



Dell and Stephen share a closeness bonded by their love of the sport. Beyond it, they also find time to fool around.

For instance, they’ve made it an annual tradition to bet on a yearly golf tournament they participate in with the loser having to jump into Lake Tahoe. In 2017, Dell lost the bet and last year, it was Stephen who took the plunge.

This year, father and son decided to change things a bit. Instead of jumping into Lake Tahoe, the loser will perform in a karaoke session.

The winner gets to pick the song and costume. Stephen won so he’s planning to make it humiliating for his father. Of course, that’s all in the spirit of playful fun.

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