Jacob Roloff's Fiancée Admires Him for Not Caring about What Other People Think of Him

Isabel Sophia Rock has a strong respect and admiration for her fiance, Jacob Roloff, for not caring about what others thought of him. She acknowledged this in a lengthy post on Instagram.

Following his decision to leave his family’s reality television series, “Little People, Big World,” Jacob Roloff has not been in the spotlights as much as his star parents in recent times.

However, the media still has a way of taking occasional sneak peeks into his newfound life of peace and privacy. Thus, the news of his engagement spread like wildfire and made the headlines. Not long afterwards, his fiancee’s identity was also dug out and revealed to be Isabel Rock.


Isabel posted a picture on Instagram earlier this month, which featured herself and the former reality TV star, bent together, each holding a dog. While the soon to be bride was all smiles for the camera, her fiance stared on at her affectionately, with a warm smile on his face.

However, it was not the gorgeous pic that captured the attention, but the lengthy writeup attached to the post, about Jacob. She explained how she sometimes panicked about little things, and how she gets affected by people’s opinions of her. Isabel revealed:

“I asked Jacob desperately, ‘Why aren’t you worked up about this?’”

Her fiance’s reply literally made her jaw drop, she wrote:

“I don’t care what people think about me. What people think about me doesn’t concern me. When I leave a room, I don’t worry about what they are saying about me once I’ve left that room. Beyond it, I’ve so much more that I want to focus on.”

She admitted that the response taught her a lot, and she admired him for it while concluding that she felt lucky to love someone like Jacob.


Last September, Jacob’s fiancee posted about their engagement on Instagram, making the official announcement while stating that the wedding would hold within a year.

Preparations for the wedding is ongoing in earnest as the venue has been chosen to be the Rollof’s farm, suits and gowns have been picked out, and the ladies already threw Isabel a glam bachelorette party. 

With all things in place, what’s left is for the lovebirds to unite in marital bliss finally.

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