Marlo Thomas Hugs Handsome Grandson Connor in a Rare Family Photo

Tichafa Chidzonga
Aug 15, 2019
03:00 A.M.
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Marlo Thomas, star executive producer of the 1960's hit show "That Girl," shares a rare photo of her with her grandson, Connor Donahue.


There is no love like that of a grandparent because they are always the first to spoil you. 

Recently, Thomas shared a rare photo of herself enjoying a night out with her grandson, Connor. The proud grandmother captures the moment:

“Last night, on the town with Grandson Connor. I love this kid! He’s my soulmate. And another one of Connor’s mom Reed with Grandpa Phil!”


The two looked relaxed as they appear to be enjoying a meal together.

This precious family moment is a far cry from who Thomas was when she first made her mark on Hollywood. In her early twenties, family was the last thing on Thomas’ mind.

During the 1960s, she starred and worked as an executive producer of the hit television show, "That Girl." At the time the show made her one of the youngest female televisions producers in Hollywood.


Thomas was determined to use her show to challenge prevailing stereotypes of young women in the 1960s. The main character for “That Girl” was played by Thomas herself.

Much like Thomas, the main character named Ann Marie, is a feminist. She was portrayed as often stubborn but determined to succeed as a single working woman, in a male-dominated world.


Thomas tells In Style, another similarity with her character Annie was the fact that she too was not interested in getting married in her twenties. She recalls being a bridesmaid 17 times and enjoying each experience.

However, as she got older, Thomas tells the magazine that her views on marriage soon changed:

“At the time I never wanted to be married. That’s why it didn’t happen on the show. But I’ve learned if you find the right mate, marriage can be the cushion of life. Eventually, I did meet my match. And even though I’ve won Emmys and been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and accomplished all sorts of things, my 39-year-marriage to my husband, Phil [Donahue], is one of my proudest achievements.”


Thomas and Donahue have raised five children together, from Donahue’s previous marriage. The couple have been married almost 40 years and continue to support each other’s acting, writing, producing and philanthropic endeavors.