Examining the Controversy of Farrah Abraham's Parenting Style through Instagram Posts

In effect, Farrah Abraham became famous because of her daughter, so she's always been scrutinized in that context. However, as little Sophia gets older, Farrah is still receiving criticism for questionable behavior. 

The former "16 and Pregnant" star made a name for herself through reality television. The show, which followed the lives of Farrah and several other teenagers who got pregnant at a young age, was looked down upon by many. 

After it ended, Farrah appeared on the spin-off series "Teen Mom" as well. She continued making headlines in the years following, and as her daughter Sophia Abraham grew older, people started to scrutinize Farrah's antics and criticize her parenting skills. 

Often, Farrah brought criticism upon herself

Some of the criticism came as backlash for posts on social media that originated from Farrah herself. By now, people figure she should be doing better as a mother, but many argue that her practices are simply not what is best for any 10-year-old. 

For instance, Farrah once confessed that she forgot her child in a store at least one time. Bearing in mind that she confessed while promoting a memory enhancement product, some of her followers were simply appalled

A few of them suggested that child services should intervene if Farrah was making mistakes like this. In fact, the suggestion is a common theme in the former reality star's comment section, regardless of whether or not she mentions Sophia.

When she involved her daughter in an ad, it came across as tasteless and irresponsible

The mere fact that Farrah talks about her daughter in promotions appears to many like she's "using" the young girl. In another post Farrah shared, Sophia played a small role in an advertisement for water-resistant earbuds. 

In part of the clip, Farrah lounged poolside as she enjoyed music and soaked up some rays. Then, her daughter comes along and asks for help with her homework. Farrah responds, "Can you give me five minutes?" Her disappointed daughter leaves. 

The feedback on the ad was clearly not what was expected. People just didn't see the humor in the mother-daughter interaction, but they clearly saw the poor treatment of a mother towards her little girl, even if it was fake.  

Standing on her own, the example she sets contradicts the message of self-love

Again, there are other posts which don't involve little Sophia directly, but which caused people to worry what kind of influence Farrah has on her daughter. As a mother, self-love is one of the priorities for a young girl, but it seems that Farrah has allowed societal pressures to diminish her own. 

It's one thing to change one's features slightly and correct small attributes they've had a problem with, but it's another to look almost completely different from the way one is naturally. In a post shared July month-end, Farrah's fans couldn't help but observe a drastic change to her face.

The drastic change to her features was not well-received by the majority

"What have you done to your face good god," one person commented. A few others encouraged her to get help since they figured she had an issue accepting herself as she is. Sadly, this means her daughter might, too. Furthermore, Farrah sometimes posts half-nude pictures of herself — a practice deemed pointless and a bad example for her daughter by followers.

Sophia already has her own Instagram account, by the way. On it, the little one has tons of posts showing her having fun, doing activities, and, like her mom, promoting products. Farrah's business mind clearly was passed down to her daughter, but it looks like some superficial practices did, too. 

Sophia may be competing in pageants, but her makeup still seemed inappropriate

In one post, Sophia is all dolled up and wears a pink dress for a pageant photo shoot. While it's adorable to many, others found that the little girl looked way older than her age with all the makeup and her done-up eyebrows. 

Fans aren't the only ones who are of the opinion that Sophia simply shouldn't be on social media. With all the negative comments left underneath her posts, Farrah's mother Debra Danielsen also thinks that the child simply shouldn't have such a strong online presence. 

However, Farrah has addressed these concerns in the past. "I protect my child; I’ve raised her very well since the time she’s been born on TV. I never exploit my child..." she told Jenny McCarthy. Regarding social media, her argument is that all the other kids Sophia's age does it, and it's not hurting her child. 

She does spend time with Sophia, using her resources to take care of social media

Farrah's page has tons more posts than her daughter's of course — a fact that has led many to question where she gets the time to do so much on social media while raising her girl. The socialite also touched on that in a podcast back in 2018. 

Speaking to Logan Paul on YouTube's "Impaulsive," Farrah explained that her personal assistant handles a substantial amount of her communication on social media. Logan confirmed that it was her assistant who responded to his direct message on Twitter. 

As such, Farrah supposedly has a lot of time to spend with her daughter.  Even if their social media might be managed by someone else, it's clear that the two indeed spend a lot of time together — it's what and how they do it that's the problem for critics.

Even when she's with Sophia, Farrah can't quite avoid perceived parental mishaps

Back in May, little Sophie shared an Instagram photo of herself holding up a wine glass filled with a yellow beverage that resembled champagne. Even if Farrah previously explained that it was "sparkling grape juice," the post indicated to many that it was ok for young ones to drink at that age. 

Farrah still has many fans, but they seem to be like a diamond in the rock for the reality star. Looking at her and her daughter's Instagram posts filled with, wine glasses, lots of skin, and Farrah's constant surgical procedures, it's not too much of a surprise that some question her as a parent, but it's also not necessarily the right judgement. 

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