Farrah Abraham outraged fans with photo of 9-year-old daughter holding a wine glass

Edduin Carvajal
May 31, 2018
10:05 A.M.
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Farrah Abraham is being criticized over one of the most recent posts she shared on her Instagram account while on vacation at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel in Dubai.


The photo showed her 9-year-old daughter Sophia, who was wearing a blue, princess-like outfit, holding a wine glass with a sparkly yellow beverage that looked exactly like champagne.

According to Pop Culture, Farrah has been criticized many times for her parenting skills and that photo caused the same reaction on fans. One of them was @lausybows, an Instagram user.

She sarcastically said that it was a ‘brilliant’ example for other children who follow Sophia on social media, implying that they might consider that drinking alcohol at her age was a good idea.


@neely.tyara13, another Instagram user, confessed that even if Sophia was not drinking alcohol, the photo gave the idea that ‘it’s good’ to drink.

What most Farrah’s detractors didn’t know, or chose to ignore, was that she uploaded a video just minutes before describing what Sophia was drinking. In the video, a waiter is shown pouring into the wine glass ‘sparkling grape juice.’


Just after the waiter placed the cup on the table, Sophia took a sip of it and showed her tongue. Farrah added that the small yellow particles that are seen in the drink were real gold flakes.

Even though it was revealed that Sophia was not drinking alcohol in that video, people started blaming Farrah because she allowed her daughter to drink gold.


One of them was Instagram user @christensbo, who sarcastically said that the more metal people consume, the better. They added that children developed better with ‘a lot of gold inside.’

Pop Culture revealed, however, that there was nothing to worry about as the gold flakes were edible. Despite the fact that people keep blaming Farrah for everything she does, Sophia is having a great time vacationing around the world.