Daily Joke: Little Johnny Watches His Mother Apply Face Cream

Rebelander Basilan
Aug 18, 2019
10:20 P.M.

We know how curious little children can sometimes crack us up with their innocent questions.


Here’s one side-splitting exchange between little Johnny and his beauty-conscious mother.

Little boy holding his toy | Photo: Pexels

Little boy holding his toy | Photo: Pexels

One evening, little Johnny watched his mother as she applies facial cream in front of the mirror.

The innocent little boy watched in awe as his mother smoothed cold cream on her face. This was the first time he saw her do it.

“Why do you do that, mummy?” he asked, peering at her mother’s face.

“To make myself beautiful,” said his mother, who then began removing the cream with a tissue.

“What’s the matter?” asked Johnny. “Giving up?”

Woman applying facial cream | Photo: Pexels

Woman applying facial cream | Photo: Pexels

LOL! If you laughed out loud, here’s an extra joke that will completely make your day.

A man visited a barbershop for a shave, and the barber promptly got to work. As he started foaming up his cheeks, the client decided to share that he just couldn't seem to shave his cheeks properly because of the softness of his cheeks.

Flaunting his versatility, the experienced barber said, “I have just the thing.”

He quickly removed a little wooden ball from a drawer and handed it to the seated man. The barber then instructed him to put the ball in his mouth and particularly between his cheek and gum.

Man smoking cigarette | Photo: Pexels

Man smoking cigarette | Photo: Pexels


The client quickly did as the barber had instructed and he shaved. It turned out to be the closest shave the man had ever had. That made his cheeks taut and thus smoothened so that the shaving process was a lot easier and particularly effective.

The client couldn't be more impressed by the barber's wise move and wondered how he had thought of something simple and yet so smart.

Curiosity eventually got the best of him, and he asked the barber: "What if I swallow it?"

The barber quickly responded, saying: "No problem, just bring it back tomorrow as everyone else does."

Person holding razor | Photo: Pexels

Person holding razor | Photo: Pexels

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Source: Starts at 60, IGN

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