Jessica Simpson Shares Photo of Her Blue-Eyed Daughter Birdy Mae

Jessica Simpson’s baby, Birdy Mae, is so adorable, and the world can’t get enough of the cute pictures her mom posts of her. She shared yet another photo of her baby on Instagram, with her blue eyes being the center of attraction.

Jessica Simpson is a doting mother who loves her kids so much. Being a social media personality, she always posts pictures and videos showing some of her and her children’s many moments.

She got in on the act again with the new cute picture she posted of her 4-month-old daughter, Birdy Mae. 


Being a mother of three growing children can be tough work, but Jessica is handling it all the same. Her latest Instagram post showed a picture of her sweet baby, Birdy Mae.

The cute baby, who is fast becoming famous for her dimples, looked straight at the camera, her big blue eyes brought to the fore, as she wore a little smile.

Birdy Mae was strapped onto her baby stroller and wore a patterned pink baby dress, which was accessorized with a pink headband, knotted into a bow. Jessica duly captioned the post:

“This bird couldn’t be more adorable #BlueEyedBeauty #BIRDIEMAE.”


A lot of comments followed the post, with many fans loving up on the new picture, and admiring Birdy’s growing cuteness. However, some of the post’s viewers who commented couldn’t help but criticize Jessica.

They thought Birdie was on a car seat, and thus sought to advise the singer about having her baby in a car seat. This led to more comments from others who pointed out that it was indeed a stroller, and not a car seat and berated those criticizing Jessica over her parenting skills. 


Jessica Simpson is not new to the criticisms against her parenting skills. Any picture she posts about her kids tends to bring up criticism from some people who feel she isn’t parenting the right way.

The criticism took to a high level when she posted pictures of her first daughter, Maxwell Drew’s newly dyed hair. Many questioned her reason for dying the 7-year-old’s hair at such an age.

 It seems the mother of three has had enough of the “Parenting Police” as she recently disabled her comments on Instagram. 

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