August 25, 2019

Alison Porter Who Played Curly Sue Is All Grown up and Looks Stunning

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‘90s child star, Alisan Porter who was famed for her role in “Curly Sue,” starring as the title character, grew up to be a stunning beauty and an even more amazing, Award-Winning singer.

Back in the days, becoming an endearing child, like Sue, was a fragment of every kid’s imagination. What was not to admire about the outspoken, kind-hearted child street hustler? Perhaps her messy mass of curly tresses which earned her the tag, Curly Sue.


The extraordinary role was played by the then-child star, Alisan Porter, now 37. The movie, “Curly Sue” graced the theatres for years, until it went off the screens, to the dismay of Sue’s fans.

Following the movie’s halt, fans kept anticipating the appearance of the beloved child actress in another series, but were left disappointed as her return to the screens was never to be.


The actress might have stayed off the screens, but she maintained an impressive online presence with over eighty-seven thousand Instagram followers, and almost two thousand posts to keep her fans updated.

If you missed out on the updates though, here’s a summary: The nine-year-old curly mess grew up to become an incredibly gorgeous stunner, with amazing singing and dancing skills.

A recent post on the singer’s social media account revealed not only her amazing looks but also solidified the fact that she has made a full-time career in singing.

The post featured the singer surrounded by multicoloured flowers while showing off her gorgeous face in what appeared to be the cover art of a song reveal.


Her caption also gave the time and location of the concert. She wrote:

“Cape Cod tonight! 8 pm”


Fans immediately expressed their excitement over the anticipated show. A fan wrote:

“Looking forward to the music tonight. Always a great voice,”

Another commented:

“Earth woman. Flower girl. Vocal queen. Yup, that almost covers it. There are the munchkins and your dancing man. Well done,”


Some also used the medium to applaud her for an impressive performance. One of the comments read:

“Thank you for a wonderful show tonight at Wequassett! It made for an amazing night out!”

Her outstanding performance and singing prowess earned her a place on “The Voice,” where she showcased her extraordinary passion before the spinning red chairs in 2016.


Months before her big win, she explained to the coaches that singing was what she was born to do. The mother of two revealed:

“I was an actress when I was very young. It’s not my passion. This is my passion.”

Featuring on the 10th season of “The Voice” brought an official end to the 37-year-old’s acting career, as she told reporters after bagging the crown at the grand finale in 2016. She  said:

“I have retired Curly Sue. She’s dead! I am now the girl who won “The Voice,” I’ll like you all to know. I’ve waited thirty-something years for that! She’s dead!”


Sure enough, a new chapter was opened in her life, one in which she stopped being Curly Sue, the orphan, and became a renowned Award-Winning singer.