Wendy Williams Parties with Son Kevin Jr. in NYC While Celebrating His 19th Birthday

Wendy Williams and her son Kevin Jr. party it up in New York City in celebration of his 19th birthday. The proud mom shared a photo of her kissing him on the cheek as he looked directly at the camera. 

Wendy shared a sweet photo of her and Kevin while out in New York City, greeting him a happy 19th birthday. Although it was an innocent photo, many people couldn't help but say their thoughts on the post's comment section, and not all of them were friendly. 

Concerned Comments on Instagram

"We may need to pray for him. He looks angry and not like “angry just for the moment.” But like deep-rooted anger. Granted this is just a photo, but our eyes speak volumes."

"Before I read the caption I thought this was another one of her flings."

Kevin Jr as part of her group of friends

This is not the first time Wendy was spotted out with her son, as back in May, she headed out with Blac Chyna and her son Kevin. 

Thanks to Blac Chyna's guesting on "The Wendy Williams Show," she was able to let loose and head out. After taping her show, they stepped out to enjoy a couple of drinks, and her son Kevin Jr. tagged along as well. 

Seeing Wendy Happy Again

After her night out, she revealed during the next episode of her show that it's been a while since she felt this happy. In fact, even her son saw him happy and it was such a nice feeling for her. 

“My son looked at me as if to say, ‘Look at mom. She is having fun.' I looked at him and thought, 'Look at my son over there. He is looking at me having fun, ”' she shared.

Of course, not selling Kevin Jr.'s birthday with them was Kevin Hunter Sr. himself, as the couple has officially filed for divorce after being married for more than two decades. 

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