Cynthia Arnold Broke Guinness Record for Fastest Marathon While Pushing Her Children in a Three-Person Stroller

Cynthia Arnold made history once again as she unofficially breaks the Guinness World Record, inspiring moms to be healthy and fit like her.

There’s no stopping Cynthia Arnold from breaking yet another record. The mom-of-three proved that she was unstoppable as she made it to the finish line at the 26.2 miles marathon, while pushing a triple stroller with her kid's ages six, four, and one.

The full marathon took her a total of four hours and six minutes to complete, setting the record, unofficially. She pushed about 185 lbs, the weight of her kids combined, while carrying her own weight at 130 lbs, according to Runner’s World.

“We live in rural Montana and see lots of wildfire on the bike path right out my door, she said. “I keep a pretty consistent routine and see some regular commuters each day, and the kids like saying hello to cyclists.”

Arnold started training for the run last winter, bringing her kids sometimes. She’s thinking about joining a solo marathon this fall, but her attachment to the stroller and her kids is somewhat inseparable. 

“I was laughing with my husband about throwing the stroller into a ditch or off a cliff, you know, say goodbye to that heavy old thing,” she said. “But I would never really do that. I tear up when I think any day could be the last day my oldest daughter goes for a run in the stroller. She can ride her bike while I run now.”

Arnold broke last years Guinness World Record after she completed the fastest half-marathon while pushing her famous strolled for three. Many moms have proven that motherhood is no excuse or limit to do things.

Similarly, Claire Wills inspired moms all over the globe as she lost over 147 lbs in a span of three years. Her wild transformation gained notice online, after a UK weight loss program shared her progress.

The mom-of-four credits her weight loss to a healthy diet, which doesn’t contain any miracle pills or shakes, not appetite-suppressing candies. Her hard work and determination are all it took to get back to shape successfully.

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