Alex Rodriguez Reveals He Has a 'Burner' Instagram Account to Keep an Eye on His Daughters Natasha and Ella

Alex Rodriguez reveals that he is a paranoid doting father who snoops on his daughters' Instagram activities with a burner account!

Parenting two teenage girls in this age is no easy task, and Alex Rodriguez has a naughty trick up the sleeves that helps him remain sane.

During a sit down with Ria and Fran of "Chicks in the Office" podcast, the former baseball player dished on his parenting skills.

The father to Natasha, 14, and Ella, 11, revealed his super-smart way of keeping an eye on his girls on social media. 

A-rod explained that his girls don't allow him to follow them on Instagram. However, he blindsided them and created a 'dad burner account' to keep tabs on them. How sneaky!

J-Lo's man also revealed that his daughters heavily scrutinize whatever he posts on the gram. He said:

"Oh my gosh, they are like the COO and the CEO of my social media craziness, whatever I do. They're so good. Every time I post something, usually like, five out of 10, both of them would DM and say, 'Dad, are you serious?"

It is so intense that he has contracts with them that allow them to approve whatever he shares on Instagram.

However, Natasha and Ella aren't the only ones giving a hard time. The 44-year-old admitted that he has a long list of things that he does that embarrass his girl, of which walking them to school is included.


Despite have two kids each from their previous marriages, A-rod and J-Lo have the perfect blended family!

Sometime in May, the whole gang attended Natasha's middle's school graduation, and Alex's ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis wasn't left out.  

The proud father shared a photo on his Instagram to commemorate the special milestone, and the gang had nothing but smiles on their faces. 

We can surely say that Alex is doing a swell job as a father!

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