August 22, 2019

Jeannie Mai's Ex Freddy Harteis Expecting Baby Boy with Girlfriend 10 Months after 1st Child

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Just ten months after welcoming their first child, Jeannie Mai's ex-husband Freddy Harteis is expecting a baby boy with his girlfriend. 

Just a couple of months before becoming first-time parents to a baby girl, Freddy Harteis and Linsey Toole are expecting their second child, this time a baby boy. 


The excited parents shared the great news on their respective Instagram pages, showing people their delight as they welcome a new member to their family very soon. 

A Tropical Summer Vacation

Freddy shared a couple of pictures from their most recent family vacation, which showed his girlfriend's growing stomach. To beat the summer heat, the small family hit the pool and dressed in tropical outfits as they went around. 


Likewise, Linsey decided to share their family's rafting adventure on her own Instagram page, showing them in the Dan River Shores, North Carolina. 

Life Before Parenthood

Before welcoming children with his new girlfriend, Freddy Harteis was first married to Jeannie Mai for more than a decade. However, due to their different priorities and views on life, their marriage ended in divorce. 


In fact, back in 2018, Jeannie Mai herself revealed that she already knew her marriage wouldn't work out just one year in. Despite this, she chose to stay through the years and make their marriage work, to no avail. 


At the time that she was getting a divorce, Jeannie shares that she realized she was wrong about everything and it was difficult for her to move on. 

Different Life Choices

After their divorce in October, he and his new girlfriend happily announced that they were expecting a child in April. He also announced that he was with the girl for six months prior to the pregnancy, causing people to wonder if he was cheating on Mai while they were still together. 

Regardless of the math and how it seems as if Mai was cheated on towards the end of their marriage, she realized that their marriage would not have worked out either way. That was because while Freddy wanted to have children, Jeannie didn't. 


This ultimately led to a strained relationship for the couple. Although it was difficult for Jeannie to move on, she is now doing much better all thanks to her "The Real" family, and just like Jeannie, Freddie is doing a lot better with his girlfriend, their first child, and of course, their soon-to-be baby boy.