August 24, 2019

Tom Brady Celebrates Lookalike Son Jack's 12th Birthday (Photo)

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Proud father of three and sportsman, Tom Brady can't keep calm as his first son who happens to be his spitting image, turns 12; and he shares a post that has got everyone talking!

The tongue-wagging upload was a picture of the younger Brady, saddled on a donkey, but it was not the cowboy stunt that was making the headlines. It was the striking features shared by both father and son.


In the picture, young Brady adorned a hat, a dark blue jean alongside a sky-blue short sleeve shirt which had the words "COSTA RICA," encrusted in the middle; not to forget his charming smile. 

There sure is no better way to put the icing on the cake other than garnishing the post with the most suitable caption, which the NFL player did!

The athlete scripted a heartwarming message on his Instagram post, detailing how much his first and only child with Bridget Moynahan, means to him, and how his family feels about the celebrant.


"12 years ago, you blessed our lives with your love and light! I couldn't imagine a more beautiful soul than you! Happy birthday Jackie! Your family loves you sssooooooo much!"

Fans were quick to recognize this show off of fatherly love, and also wished the little champ good tidings on his day. That was not all; some fans signified that they saw nothing but a younger Tom Brady. 


Jack got so much love from his dad's fans, as well as family. Daddy wasn't the only one wishing him well on his birthday, his stepmother, Gisele Bundchen gave him a shout out, calling him the "best big brother in the world."

His other siblings include 9-year-old Benjamin and 6-year-old Vivian. Although they don't share the same mother, the trio has nothing but love for themselves, as a picture uploaded by Gisele flaunted the bond they have.

It appears that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as father and son do not only share peculiar facial features, they are also like minds when it comes to their fondness for sports.



In the course of an interview with Men's Health, the six-time Super Bowl Champ expressed how his first son loves the things he loves, and how much the little chap strives to make him proud.

Tom's picture on his Instagram story during his son's birthday celebration confirms his revelation. Both father and son were captured laughing during a walk around the football field.

Although the sportsman stated that his second son, Benjamin, is not in on sports, and his daughter, Vivian, is "carefree." However, he loves them and appreciates the way they express themselves.

His love for his children cannot be contested; Tom not only excels on the field as an excellent player but also, in reality, he is an impressive dad.

So whether it's his look-alikes he is celebrating or his wins, his efforts in both being an exemplary dad and a successful player is commendable.