Melania Trump Is a Fashion Icon in Gorgeous Sleeveless Red Dress Paired with Stilettos

Melania Trump was amongst the notable dignitaries that attended the G7 summit. As always, the First Lady's fashion let out her elegant sense of style during the annual event.

Melania wore several beautiful pieces enough to make her the center of all attention, but her red attire is still stuck with many. The gorgeous piece is an Alexander McQueen outfit which reportedly costs a whopping $2375.


The high-end sleeveless dress did a lot to flatter Melania's curvy physique thanks to its form-hugging ruched design. The fitted bodice reached past her knees and can qualify as a midi dress.

The Alexander McQueen number was Melania’s choice for dinner at the second night of the G7 summit. The mother of one didn't disappoint and made an indeed exquisite appearance accompanied by her husband, President Trump. Her dark auburn hair was styled into a sleek cut that flowed past her shoulders and was styled into a side parting.

Her face sported makeup done to match her sleek ensemble and the only accessory visible was a pair of glittering silver stud earrings. The ensemble, which Melania finished off with a pair of high heeled shoes, was the second outfit she would be wearing that day.

Photo of Melania Trump in an Alexander McQueen dress. | Image: Getty Images

Photo of Melania Trump in an Alexander McQueen dress. | Image: Getty Images

No one could have been more delighted to have someone so perfectly beautiful by their side as President Trump. The president beamed happily and was just the ideal companion wearing a sleek navy blue suit and silver tie.

The G7 summit holds yearly and is widely recognized all over the world thanks to the dignitaries that attend it.

There, is, however, no arguing the importance of the G7 wives; like the media, calls them. The long list of this elite women also includes Akie Abe, wife of Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe!


Going by the pictures taken during the event, Melania, who was formerly a model, seemed to love every bit of the time she spent with the women.

In a photo taken outside of a bakery, Melania Trump is seen looking happy as she stood with others taking in the scenic sights.

Even amidst all that, she managed to stay fashionable. Give it to Melania to have an outfit for just about every occasion! She was spotted wearing a unique tie-dye free dress as she arrived in France for the summit.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump taken in August 2019. | Image: Getty Images

Donald Trump and Melania Trump taken in August 2019. | Image: Getty Images

According to reports, the Calvin Klein number, which only cost $500, is now sold out so it won't be a surprise to see the tie-dye fashion trend make a comeback.

There is, however, no one that can wear it like Melania who paired the yellow gown with sunglasses and bright pink stiletto heels!

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