September 02, 2019

Snow White Praised for Soothing Autistic Child at Disney World

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Disney Snow White actress shows compassion for an autistic child and gets commended for her actions. 

Lauren Bergner, the mother of the autistic child, Brody on Sunday, took her six-year-old son to see Snow White at Epcot Theme Park. What happened at the park left the mother feel she will be forever indebted to the Snow White actress,

The doting mother could not contain her heartfelt emotion and gratitude, so she took to her Facebook account on Sunday, to express her appreciation to Snow White, for showing kindness to her son.


She wrote,

"I am so emotional with these pictures! Brody was having a meltdown. It was our turn to take pictures with her, and he wanted nothing to do with it! Snow White could tell Brody had special needs! She took him for a walk and got him away from the crowd! This is true magic!" 

Lauren expressed her desire to reach out to Snow White. She said that Snow White was so good with her son, calming him down and called her "a pure angel." The proud mother further expressed that she and the entire family would be eternally grateful to the actress.

The outing which had been planned for months by Lauren, a mother of three would have been a mess if not for Snow White's kind intervention.


Although Lauren anticipated her son's meltdown because of the long queue at Epcot Theme Park, when it got to their turn, Brody didn't want his picture taken or anything to do with the whole event as he burst into tears confirming his mother's anticipated fear.


Snow White, who noticed that the child has special needs then reached for the child, kissed and hugged him warmly with her arms wrapped around him.

She took him for a walk away from the noise and pacified him on her lap. The magical character also danced with him for a while. Lauren while speaking to Today said, 

“I turned around and they started clapping,” she said. “It was this magical moment that we will never, ever forget.”


Watching the heartwarming event unfold along with his wife was Bill Bergner, Brody's dad. The proud father was left astonished at how his son bonded with the actress.

It was even more of a surprise for the parents who knew how hard it is for their son to warm up to strangers. The post went viral with about 70,000 shares on Facebook during the week with pictures of the child and Snow White taken by the Disney photographer.

Mrs. Bergner is so grateful that she wanted to personally appreciate the experience her son had with the Disney World actress. 


Something quite similar happened to 8-year-old Connor, who found it difficult to fit in at school due to the fact that he is autistic. On his first day at school, a young boy named Christian saw Connor crying and made a heartwarming gesture towards him. 

Christian walked up to the crying Connor and held his hand, letting him know everything will be ok. An image showing the young boy's kindness and courage has since gone viral with most people commenting on how proud they are of the young boy.