Here's What CSI Cast Looked like Back in the Day

The cast of the hit procedural forensics crime drama "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" had fans hooked since they started solving crimes in October 2006. But in an investigation of another kind, we looked at the early day pics of the cast fans got to know over the show's fifteen seasons.

As the first in the CSI franchise, the team of crime-scene investigators employed by the Las Vegas Police Department used physical evidence to solve murders. The series starred several main characters, many of which looked adorable, but nothing like their grown-up counterparts.


Sporting an adorable bonnet when only a brick high, Marg later starred as assistant supervisor Catherine Willows as a regular during the show's first twelve seasons.

Being a blood-spatter analyst, Catherine started in the team as a lab technician and worked her way through the ranks. 

After a departmental scandal, Catherine got demoted and left Las Vegas so she could join the FBI as a special agent. Catherine returned shortly before the series finale, during which she got granted directorship of the crime lab.


Gary featured as a regular for the first nine seasons of the show. He starred as CSI level III, Warrick Brown, and became skilled at his job as audio-video analyst amid his struggles in kicking a gambling addiction.

After Warrick got acquitted of murder after being falsely accused, he got assassinated by the corrupt under-sheriff McKeen in his car.


Jorja intermittently became a regular on the crime drama between the first eight and last four seasons as the CSI level III, Sara Sidle.

Sara majored in physics from Harvard University and became a materials and element analyst. She joined the team after transferring from San Francisco at unit chief Grissom's request, and the pair later ended up getting married.

Their turbulent relationship ended in divorce, after which Sara got promoted to director of the Las Vegas Crime Lab. 


After snagging a recurring role during the show's first two seasons, Eric became a regular starring as CSI level III Greg Sanders until the series ended.

Greg received private school education for gifted students and graduated from Stanford before he joined the Las Vegas Police Department. 

While Greg had several love interests throughout the series, he felt strongly driven to do the right thing no matter the cost and believe in psychic powers.


As the LVPD's deputy chief, Sofia Curtis, Louise joined the cast as a recurring member during season five and six. Sofia became a series regular during the seventh season after which she only guest-starred in a few episodes. 

After being demoted as a supervisor, Sofia became part of the CSI team as the graveyard shift supervisor. Sofia's career switch to detective led to her quickly rising through the ranks until she became LVPD's deputy chief.


Lauren became a series regular in season 9 as CSI level II Riley Adams. A former St. Louis police officer, Riley initially joined the force to spite her psychiatrist parents.

As a nonconformist, Riley fit in well with the rest of the team until Grissom left as chief. When Catherine Willows took over the reins, Riley left Las Vegas after critical exit interview wherein she questioned Catherine's skills.


After a recurring role as the assistant medical examiner, David Phillips for the first nine seasons, David became a regular for the remainder of the series.

Known as "Super Dave," he assisted the Chief Medical Examiner, Al Robbins and got his well-deserved nickname after saving a victim during an autopsy.


Elisabeth became part of the CSI family as a regular for the last three season of the show as the graveyard shift CSI assistant supervisor, Julie Finlay.

Affectionately known as "Finn" or "Jules," Julie worked in Seattle as a blood-spatter specialist before she became part of the team in Las Vegas. 

After being attacked by the Gig Harbor killer and left in the trunk of a car, Julie lapsed into a coma before she succumbed to her injuries.

Relatedly, another star from the series, William Petersen became a known fixture on the show since its inception. However, fans almost didn't get to see him star in the crime drama after he had near-death experience during the early days of his career.

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