Jacksonville Humane Society Shelter in Florida Found Foster Homes for 'Nearly All' of Its Pets Ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Jacksonville Humane Society's Storm Trooper program shared an emotional story bigger than Hurricane Dorian. Heroes of the community came together for their furry friends.

Star Wars fans out there know stormtroopers as Darth Vader's lackeys who are clad in white and have terrible aim. Florida, on the other hand, has given the word a new meaning: heroes. 

Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) launched the Storm Trooper program together with pet-loving volunteers. Stormtroopers to JHS, are the volunteers who open their doors for adoptable pets from the shelter when terrible weather nears


The program allows volunteers to bring home cats or dogs from the shelter temporarily. 

"This is a great opportunity for our pets to be with a family inside a warm home instead of in a shelter kennel during the winds and rain,” the shelter said of the Stormtrooper program.

On September 1, the JHS put out a call for stormtroopers before Hurricane Dorian hit. CNN reported that the shelter needed to find homes for about 250 cats and dogs before the Hurricane arrived at Florida's east coast. 


In just three days, the stormtrooper community found homes for nearly all the animals in the shelter. The pets were in a safe and sound place to ride out the storm.

“You did it, Jacksonville! Thanks to you, nearly all of our pets will ride out Hurricane Dorian in loving Storm Trooper foster homes. Your response to our call for help was tremendous, and we can’t thank everyone enough for their generosity and support. We feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of such a kind, compassionate community,” the shelter wrote on their Facebook post on September 2.

The shelter added that any animals that needed medical attention or any special care would be cared for by the JHS staff. 


Although the stormtroopers take the animals into care temporarily, it is common for the stormtrooper families to adopt the furry creature permanently. 

The kennel that was occupied by the animal will serve as the home of other unfortunate animals that were lost or require medical attention. Similarly, a kind woman in the Bahamas sheltered almost 100 dogs in her home during a storm.


During a storm, a woman in the Bahamas named Chella Phillips, sheltered 97 dogs in her home. The post went viral instantly, and she received many donations that helped her care for the dogs. 

Chella is a member of "The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau," a group that connects local dogs with US-based rescue and adoption organizations.

People like the stormtroopers and Chella have touched many lives, human and non-human. They are inspiring many others to follow their path. You can be a hero too. 

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