'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Reveals on the 'Jerry O'' Show They 'Had a Bust the Other Day' before Beth's Funeral Ceremony

Duane "Dog" Chapman thrills fans when he shares that Beth helped them "make a bust" the day before her funeral. 

The reality star made an appearance on the Jerry O show recently. Almost as expected, the topic of his wife, Beth's tragic demise came up, and he fondly talked about her. 

Via Twitter, the show's anchor, actor Jerry O' Connell shared the news of Duane's presence with fans. 

"@DogBountyHunter opens up about the passing of his wife Beth, his new show, and more," the tweet reads. 

Duane shared that he finds it "so sad" to talk about Beth because he especially doesn't want to "take advantage of that." 

"But if I don't, she'd be so mad," he, however, added. 

Duane shared that even while mourning, he and his bounty hunting team were still busy hunting down America's dangerous fugitives.

During the show, the perhaps most crucial moment came when Duane shared that just the day before his late wife's funeral, he made a criminal bust. Emotionally, the reality star disclosed how he had felt Beth's presence with them as they worked hard to capture the criminals. 

He fondly shared that Beth was present in the bust that happened right before her celebration of life. 

"We had a bust the other day right before her ceremony," Chapman recalled. "I had to do something, so we pull up — the guy bolts. My team, my kids, David, they're on the kid ... boom! He's gone."

The father of twelve explained that at that moment, his first thought was to ask Beth for her heavenly help. And almost immediately, they were offered a significant lead in the case. 

"All the sudden, I hear David yell, 'I'm back on him!'" he excitedly continued. "And I said, 'David, what the hell, she's watching,' and he said, 'Dog we have an angelic drone.'"

Having Beth looking on from above certainly has fugitives scared, Dog noted:

"You oughta see the guys turning themselves in right now!"

It appears that Beth is staying true to the job! Beth passed away in June following years of battling throat cancer. About his late wife, Duane once shared:

"She was so gorgeous. People would say that, and she wouldn't ever believe it, but I told her all the time she is gorgeous, she was so pretty." 

May her soul rest in peace. 

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