Hoda Kotb Reunites with Savannah Guthrie on 'Today' Show after Adopting Baby Hope Catherine

It's back to regular programming for Hoda Kotb, who returned to the "Today" show looking happy as ever. The TV host took a maternity leave to welcome her second child through adoption, a girl named Hope Catherine. 

On Tuesday, the 55-year-old mother of two returned to Studio 1A at the Rockefeller Center, where she filmed her first episode with her co-host, Savannah Guthrie. 

Kotb took a maternity leave back in April to welcome her second child, Hope Catherine, through adoption. She and longtime boyfriend Joel Schiffman share two adopted children together, having an older 2-year-old daughter, Haley Joy. 

Preparing for Her Return

A month before getting back to business with the rest of her "Today" show co-hosts, Hoda gave a message about how she's been preparing for her return. 

"I've loved every second of it, but you know what else I'm going to love, coming back to you guys. So I am getting ready, I'm setting my alarm. 3:15a.m., okay, we'll be back in business. I love you guys and I cannot wait to see you." 

Hoda Kotb's journey to motherhood was not easy, but her touching journey made it all the more worthwhile after becoming a mom at the age of 50. 

On Becoming a Mother

Kobt, a breast cancer survivor, could not conceive a child, and this was something that took a while for her to process. However, on February 14, 2017, her biggest dream came true - she was given the chance to be a mother. 

During a previous interview, she shared that at 52, she would never have thought of becoming a mother. When that opportunity came, though, she couldn't help but feel grateful. 

“When you’re a mom late in life, you realize the gift it is. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have realized it when I was younger but trust me, when you’re a new mom for the first time at 52, you get on your knees and say thank you. Because you get to do something you didn’t think you had a shot at.”

A Fruitful Life

Since overcoming cancer, Kotb thought her life was finally complete. However, when she decided to adopt a child with the support of Joel Schiffman, she knew that indeed, she was complete. 

“It’s funny because I thought I had the most perfect life, and then I realized after her I didn’t. I realized that this is infinitely better. Every single day is infinitely better than before she came.”

At 55, Hoda is living her best life - both personally and professionally. Now that she's back on the "Today" show,  everything is going according to plan. 

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