'This Morning' Guest Feels Teachers Can 'Reasonable Force' on Students, Sparks Heated Debate

Ra'eesah Manack
Sep 12, 2019
06:20 P.M.
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With discipline in schools declining, teachers are often struggling to find new ways to keep students well behaved. However, one woman sparked a heated debate with her suggestion.

Earlier this week, a guest from Scotland on the tv show "This Morning" sparked an explosive argument after suggesting that teachers should be allowed to use "reasonable force" in schools. While some agreed, many did not.

Claire Muldoon and a Dorset-based teacher, Jules Daulby, were locked in a heated debate on the ITV show. The debate comes just after a government document supporting the use of teachers using "reasonable force" to tackle bad behavior in schools was leaked by SkyNews.


The pair debated their stance on the idea to reintroduce the stance in the documents. Claire argued for the idea.

She believed it was necessary and appeared to have the support of the majority of viewers. Some viewers even felt that a cane be brought back into classrooms. 


However, others, like Jules, were dead set against the idea. They were uncomfortable at the idea of using force to restrain an unruly pupil. 

Viewers flooded social media with their opinions. Some felt that reasonable force could encourage "potential violence" but others believed it would assist teachers to "enforce the rules."


"We've nurtured snowflakes with this narrative of 'You can't touch me, I'm, above the law, my mum says you can't do that, my dad says you can't do that'" said Claire."The fact remains that at GSCE class, you can pass a GCSE at 30%. I've got four children who are doing particularly well because they have signed up to the rules of that school."

The mother-of-four added that she would "respect" whatever decisions the teacher made. She also explained that she believes there would be predetermined guidelines with regards to what reasonable force was acceptable.


Jules, on the other hand, did not agree and was uncomfortable with the idea of restraining a pupil. She said:

"There is a discussion around the diffidence between reasonable force and restraint. If you see a fight you need to have some protection,  but I would still say I wouldn't say that I would feel happy about restraining a child on my own. Those incidents do happen when there are broken arms and sprained wrists and things."


Twitter users, as shown above, were also varied in their take on the matter and many had strong opinions on the matter. Many agreed with Claire that many students display a "lack of respect" and reasonable force could be beneficial.

However, on the flip side, many-sided with Jules and felt that reasonable force would open the door for abuse. Many also felt it would create more issues than it would solve.

A teacher who definitely wasn't using reasonable force in her classroom was the kindergarten teacher who let her students decorate her white sleeveless dress with their signatures and messages earlier this year.

Instead of having her students write in a yearbook, Ashley Hicks decided to take a different approach and let her students explore their creative side.