Daily Joke: A Man Is Surprised as He Sees His Friend Furiously Imbibing Shots of Whiskey

A man was surprised to see his friend drinking himself to oblivion at the bar. When he approached him to ask if everything was alright, the answer he got was not what he expected.

One day, a man was sitting at a bar in his local tavern. The way he was chugging down the whiskey one peg after another made it pretty evident that he wasn't drinking without a reason. 

Another man walked inside the tavern and looked around for a place to sit. As he approached the bar, he was surprised to see his best friend there, drinking like a fish.

"Lou?" the man called out his best friend's name, still in disbelief. "What are you doing?" he asked. 

A man drinking at a bar. | Source: Unsplash/Dustin Belt

A man drinking at a bar. | Source: Unsplash/Dustin Belt

The man put his glass of whiskey down and looked at his friend. 

"I've known you for all these years and I've never seen you touch alcohol before, let alone drink it. What's wrong? Are you alright?" the concerned friend asked. 

The man smiled down at his now empty glass of whiskey. He called the bartender and asked for a refill. 

A busy bar. | Source: Pexels

A busy bar. | Source: Pexels

The bartender filled his glass with whiskey. The man looked at the glass and replied to his friend without taking his eyes off his drink.

"My wife just ran away with my best friend," he said.

He then gulped the whiskey down in one go.

His friend could not believe what he heard. On top of that, the man was calling someone else his best friend. After a moment of pause, he exclaimed: "But I'm your best friend!"

Man smiles while drinking alcohol. | Source: Pexels

Man smiles while drinking alcohol. | Source: Pexels

The man turned his head towards him, his eyes bloodshot. He suddenly gave out a bright smile as he slurred: "Not anymore. He is!"

Source: jokesoftheday

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