'Dog's Most Wanted': Late Beth Chapman Reacts to Losing Hair Amid Chemotherapy for Cancer

"Dog's Most Wanted" continues to show fans how the late Beth handled her treatments in the second episode of the show. The reality series checked in on her progress after three weeks of chemotherapy.

According to Beth, she was told her hair was going to fall out, so she had her hair done before going for chemotherapy.

"They did tell me my hair was going to fall out, so the night before chemo I had my hair person braid my hair really good and then sew my extensions on it," Beth said into the camera as her braids were shown on the big screen. 

During the course of the video, the late matriarch of the Chapman family also mentioned that she would love to join her husband and the Bounty Hunter crew out on the field but disregarded it stating that some of their equipment may be harmful to her health.

"I'm a little bit concerned about if they start to use mace or pepper ball guns, or things like that. Those things are definitely very, very harmful to me right now," she said while coughing. 

She went on stating that although it's not healthy to be out here with the crew, she'd rather not be the person that lays on the bed doing nothing. 

"If I'm going to die I'm going to die in my boots," Beth said. 

Beth's strength was laudable in the second episode which comes one week after the premiere showed Beth and Dog receiving a heartbreaking phone call from her doctor about the return of her cancer.

"I got some test results back on your Immunotherapy," the doctor says in the clip. "I hate to say it, but unfortunately, your tumor is not improving based on the immunotherapy."

"I need to process it first and call you back," Beth said as she held back tears.

The reality star passed away at the age of 51 on June 26 after a long battle with cancer. Dog revealed in an interview that he was not able to watch scenes from the show before its premiere on television because of his grief.

"I have not looked at none of these shows," Duane told PEOPLE. "I looked at the first show a little bit, but at that time, I wasn't able to handle it. So when everyone sees it Wednesday, I get to see it. First time," he said.

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