'American Idol's Jordin Sparks' Model Husband Dana Isaiah Shares Photos from 1st Father-Son Trip

American singer, Jordin Sparks' husband, Dana Isaiah, shares adorable pictures of their son, Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. during their father-son trip. The little boy, who is fondly called DJ by his parents is seen having lots of fun in the series of pictures shared by the doting dad.

DJ is the couple's first and only child; therefore, this was a significant milestone for the father of one. In some of the pictures, little DJ can be seen wearing only diapers as he played with water outdoor on what appears to be a sunny day.

"And when he handed him to me, I was absolutely overwhelmed with joy."

In other images, the cute little boy is seen smiling and having fun with his father and two other kids (probably his cousins).

"First father-son trip down! Just look at that smile." Isiah captioned the photo. 

Jordin also liked and commented on the adorable picture. She wrote, 

"You did good, daddy!!"

Fans who couldn't stop gushing about the post showed love to DJ in the comment section with sweet comments like:

"So cute, DJ definitely makes you smile…you just can't help but smile." 

Another fan wrote,

"Oh my God, couldn't love this kid any more than if I owned him!!. Beautifully blessed family." 

A third fan wrote,

"My ovaries, he's so cute! I can't be having kids, but DJ is making it hard for me to not want a baby of my own."

Sometimes love comes in the most unexpected ways, and that is the total of Jordin Sparks and Isaiah's love story. The singer who was famously known for dating her ex, Jason Derulo first met Isaiah virtually in a group chat with each of their mothers.

The couple, however, had a secret wedding last year July and together welcomed their son, DJ on May 2nd, 2018. During an interview with PEOPLE, Jordin admits that Parenting has been full of heartwarming moments for her. 

The singer also chose to have an "all-natural" delivery at a birthing center. 

"Hospitals just felt a little weird and strange [to me]," says Sparks. "I had a feeling I wasn't going to be comfortable on my back, and I didn't want to have to give birth that way."

The "Tattoo" singer called the birthing process "miraculously beautiful," while she also revealed that her husband and their midwife, Simona caught the baby.

"And when he handed him to me, I was absolutely overwhelmed with joy. He was and is everything we imagined," Sparks concluded.

According to her husband, the American Idol winner handled the birth of her son like a champ. He also added that they both cried like babies for a few minutes after meeting their baby boy.  

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