Meet Sara McKenna, Olympic Skier Bode Miller's Former Partner and the Mother of His Son Samuel

Olympian Bode Miller's former partner, Sara McKenna, is the mother to their son, Samuel Bode Miller-McKenna. She got pregnant with Samuel after meeting Miller through a dating site.

Sara McKenna is the mother of Olympic gold medalist Bode Miller's son, Samuel. After a long custody battle, Miller and McKenna finally reached a settlement in 2014. 

'Neither of us got exactly what we wanted, but Sam got what he needed and that's what's most important to me,' McKenna, 28, told Page Six at the time.

Although their relationship was short-lived, McKenna got pregnant while she and Miller were on vacation at Florida.

She was determined to raise her baby by her own after Miller did not want to do anything with it initially. 


McKenna, a former marine, was 26-years-old when she thought she needed someone to love.

She was working in a fire department in San Diego back then, and things were going pretty smooth for her. She had her own house, a car, and a dog. But McKenna always felt like something was amiss in her life. 

After making up her mind to find a boyfriend, McKenna signed up for an exclusive matchmaker.

"I didn't have a lot of spare time to find interesting men to date. When the agency asked for my requirements, I said, "a nice guy to fall in love with." The first guy was nice, but not my type. So I clarified — tall, athletic, blonde with blue eyes — and was set up with Bode," she shared.

After that, the duo met for dinner in 2012 and had a great time together. On May 23, Miller and McKenna flew to Florida for a mini-vacation. That's when they got pregnant. 

"I had just started taking the pill less than a month before — and soon learned it had been ineffective," she said.


According to McKenna, Miller was traveling when she discovered that she was pregnant. She called him up, and they met at his boat, where she told him that she wanted to keep the baby. 

"I said he could be involved if he wanted to and that I would love it if he did. If he didn't want any part of it, I said that I was going to do it on my own. I left in tears," she recalled.


Since Miller did not want a baby in the first place, McKenna decided to raise him as a single mom. She decided to get her college degree, so she went to Columbia University, where they had flexible schedules for moms. 

She texted Miller about her plans but he never replied.

 Two weeks after Samuel was born, Miller filed for his custody. That May, Miller's lawyers accused McKenna for "unjustifiable conduct" at the New York Family Court for moving while she was pregnant. 


The New York referee agreed with Miller's lawyers and ordered the case to California where a judge ordered McKenna to hand over Samuel to Miller.

Sam's departure left McKenna in pieces. She quit her job and withdrew from the college. But a week later, she realized that being miserable was not going to help. So she continued her studies.

McKenna's attorney challenged the New York ruling. After what felt like ages for McKenna, she got her baby back on November 25. 

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