Dr. Oz Is a Doting Grandfather of 4 Cute Grandkids — Meet All of Them

There is something else that health expert Dr. Oz is good at besides the matters of health--the renowned TV personality is a doting grandpa to his cute grandkids, Philomena Bijou, Domenica, and Jovan Jr., and Giovanna.

The beloved doctor from the health show "The Dr. Oz Show" loves spoiling his grandkids! According to the man himself, he loves indulging his grandkids whenever he gets the chance. 

In a candid interview with PEOPLE, Oz shared how he digs being a doting grandpa. 

“They know they can get anything they want from me!” he said. “I spoil them with toys.”


Some people shudder at the thought of babysitting little kids, but not Dr. Oz! In fact, the proud grandpa loves it when his daughter, Daphne Oz, is busy with work so that he can take care of her little angels

According to him, his grandkids are fun to be around which makes him a great babysitter. 

“Get her out of my hair!” Oz joked about the times his daughter goes away for work. “We kidnap the children and bring them back to New Jersey. It’s the best!”

Daphne was the co-host of ABC's "The Chew" from 2011 to 2018. In 2016, she and her father took a Daytime Emmy Awards each for their talk shows.


Dr. Oz just can't have enough of his grandkids! The 59-year-old always tries to include the little ones in his day-to-day life.

“I want them to swim in the pool with me, running around, going places," the loving grandpa said. I" took them apple picking and the Renaissance Festival yesterday and the dress up. They have to do everything full speed.”

He also admitted that he likes to go "terribly" overboard with his grandkids, spoiling them to no end. 


In an interview with Closer Weekly, Oz jokingly revealed what he loves the most about being a grandpa.   

"See the good thing about being a grandparent is you can give them back — plus it’s appropriate payback to your kids,” he said, aiming the joke ar his daughter Daphne. 

Before the arrival of his fourth grandchild, Giovanna, the doctor joked that the best part of having children is that you can "play zone defense.

Dr. Oz is such an amazing grandfather! His grandkids are blessed to have him. 

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