September 24, 2019

Ex NBA Star Dennis Rodman Claims Madonna Offered Him $20M to Impregnate Her on 'the Breakfast Club'

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After a string of controversial statements, Dennis Rodman now claims that Madonna once offered him $20 million to get her pregnant. 

Madonna allegedly offered Dennis Rodman $20 million to impregnate her, saying it happened back in 1993 when the two of them were dating. At the time, they were on the phone when she made a sudden offer. 

According to Dennis, Madonna gave him a call saying she was ovulating at the time. After realizing what she meant, he flew all the way to New York from Las Vegas in a private jet that the singer sent him just so they could sleep together that night.

Dennis Rodman at a speaking engagement | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine



The Bizarre Financial Offer

Speaking on "The Breakfast Club," Dennis says that they did sleep together that night, and Madonna allegedly said that if she got pregnant and their child was born, she would pay him $20 million. 

"She asked me that if I got her pregnant, she'd pay me $20 million. That's if the child was born."


Madonna's Children

Dennis flew back to Sin City right after their short exchange to finish his gambling escapade. In the end, they didn't share a child. 

Madonna would give birth to her first child, Lourdes Leon, three years later. She shares Lourdes with her personal trainer, Carlos Leon. According to Rodman, he wouldn't be surprised if the "Crazy for You" singer made a similar agreement with Leon to have a child. 


Madonna also shares son Rocco with ex-husband Guy Richie and has adopted children named David Banda, Mercy James, and her twins, Stelle and Estere. 

A Yoga Studio Heist

Earlier this year, Rodman made waves after being accused of stealing a 400-pound crystal from a California yoga studio. The NBA legend allegedly participated in a heist at a yoga studio, where he and three other companions were seen stealing some clothes and a $2500 crystal art piece. 


Unfortunately for Rodman, the whole ordeal was caught on video, where a woman stuffed clothes in her bag while another man eyed a 400lb crystal art piece that costs $2500. 

Owners of the store filed a police complaint against Rodman and his associates, claiming they smelled like alcohol during the robbery. However, the burglary never resulted in jail time for the ex-basketball player, as he continues to roam free.