Dr Oz Shares Childhood Photo of Daphne, Zoe and Arabella on National Daughter Day

Dr. Mehmet Oz celebrates National daughter's day by sharing a rare throwback picture of his three daughters. 

Feeling very nostalgic and celebrating National daughter's day, Dr. Mehmet Oz share's a rare photo of his three daughters, Daphne Oz, Arabella Sezen Oz and Zoe Yasemin Oz.

Married to Lisa Oz, the couple have another son, Oliver Mustafa Oz. The father of four honor's his daughters with a throwback picture saying:

"Happy #NationalDaughtersDay to the best daughters in the world - @daphneoz, @zoeoz1 and @arabellasoz. I'm so proud of the women you've become."

Sharing a picture from their childhood, Dr. Oz definitely has a reason to be proud of his three daughters, who are all adults pursuing successful careers.

His eldest daughter, Daphne Oz is a New York Times bestseller for the book, "The Dorm Room Diet." She has made appearances on "The Dr. Oz Show." Daphne was also a host on the Emmy winning show, "The Chew."

Daphne is married to John Jovanovic and have four children; Philomena, Jovan, Domenica and Giovanna. During his Daytime Emmy award acceptance speech Dr Oz shares a special message about his children and grandchildrengushing:

"We are judged by how we improve the world. And the most important thing we do to improve it is to raise kids who are contributing. So I'm very proud of Daphne, mostly because of the two beautiful grandchildren she's given us."

Dr Oz's middle child, Zoe was only a teenager when she collaborated on a book with her father. She is a Harvard graduate. In an interview with Your Teen magazine she describes her relationship with her father, revealing:

"I have a great relationship with both my parents. My parents are very good at recognizing each kid's strengths. They push each of us toward what we love. I feel like they balance parenting with giving us the space to grow. My dad's success can be intimidating, but it also inspires and drives me. I want to impress him."

His youngest daughter studied film and is pursuing a career as an actress. Recently, she has starred in the movie, "When the Starlight Ends," by Adam Sigal. Promoting her movie, a year ago he writes:

"My talented daughter @arabellasoz is on the show today! Her movie #WhenTheStarlightEnds with @samheughan is available today on DVD and digital."

National daughter's day is celebrated every year on September 25. The tradition started in order to stop the stigma that having a son was better than having a daughter. 

Dr. Mehmet Oz poses with his wife Lisa Oz and children; Oliver Oz, Daphne Oz, Zoe Oz, Arabella OZ, in October 2009, New York | Source: Getty Images

Dr. Mehmet Oz poses with his wife Lisa Oz and children; Oliver Oz, Daphne Oz, Zoe Oz, Arabella OZ, in October 2009, New York | Source: Getty Images

The day is dedicated to daughter in order to celebrate the pleasure that comes from raising a daughter and the joy that comes from having a relationship with your daughter.

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